Friday, February 15, 2013

#423: Tom Woodward

More creationists! Thomas E. Woodward is a professor of theology at Trinity College in Florida and the author of “Doubts about Darwin: A History of Intelligent Design” and the absolutely idiotic “Darwin StrikesBack: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design” (No, not a trace of justification for calling Intelligent Design Creationism “science”). His work also appeared in “A Man For This Season: The PhillipJohnson Celebration Volume” edited by Bill Dembski and Jed Macosko. Woodward also incorporates claims about astronomy in his lectures (freakshows), blatantly displaying an almost total lack of understanding of the topics (interestingly, he doesn’t understand what“testing a hypothesis” means). His contributions are further discussed here.

Based on his insights into biology, Woodward also made himself known for his 2007 prediction that “in the next six to twelve months, Darwinism will go into a steep nose dive as the result of Behe’s new book [The Edge ofEvolution].” (Though the end of Darwinism’s reign as the dominant paradigm will end in 2025).

Insightful comments on Woodward’s 2007 talk for the Discovery Institute can be found here, here, here, and here. Woodward was also part of the DiscoTute’s effort to export creationism to Spain, and he is always poised to do contribute more ignorance about the already deeply misunderstood field of epigenetics.

Diagnosis: Standard, tiresome clodpoll, with absolutely nothing new or insightful to contribute; one who works all the old fallacies to complement his confirmation bias. Impact unknown, but he sure is trying. 

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