Sunday, September 15, 2013

#706: Samuel C. Gipp

Samuel C. Gipp is a pastor, evangelist, teacher, author and Bible conference speaker. According to his website (do check it out; this is timecube land), Gipp has “the unique ability to digest large amounts of information” and get absolute nothing but crazy out of it (though his website puts it as “present it in an analytical, understandable, format”). One of Gipp’s main schticks is environmentalism, and his erudite analyses is summed up thusly: “[f]rom years of studying environmentalists I have come to the conclusion that they are both religion based and mentally ill. This makes for a dangerous combination.” Which, I suppose, exemplifies his aforementioned unique ability. “The mental illness of environmentalism manifests itself is three forms; Paranoid, Delusional and Criminal insanities.” Fortunately he knows how to deal with it: “Since religious environmentalism is a mental disease it must be treated like one. Those afflicted by the malady must be gathered into central locations and be treated by counseling, drug therapy, shock treatments or whatever is necessary to restore their sanity and return them to being productive members of society.” Of course, being clinically insane does not exempt you from legal responsibility: “they are to be dealt with as any other criminal is. These criminal environmentalists are, in fact, terrorists. They seek to achieve their goals by terrorizing the general population by criminal actions. Like any criminal they have no regard for the rights or lives of their victims. Judges, no matter how liberal, owe it to the general public to protect them from criminal environmentalists by sentencing them as they would any rapist or murderer.”

What makes environmentalists criminal is that environmentalists are apparently to blame for murdering America through an elaborate conspiracy (“The most successful murder is one you make look like natural causes. That was the tactic used to murder the U. S. Auto Industry and by that death, the United States of America.”)

Gipp is, of course, also a birther, but I am not sure that is the most objectionable part of the statement: “We all know that our Kenyan president is half-black and half-white. I wish he was completely black. Why? Well, I, like all Americans, have been carefully and repeatedly taught through the News Media, Hollywood and public education that Blacks never do anything wrong, only white people are bad.” In his article “What now”, he concluded, accordingly, that “[a]s of November 4, 2008, for all practical purposes, the United States of America ceased to exist. This nation willingly elected a freedom-hating Communist.”

Gipp is also an avowed fan of Jack Chick, and is of course a “King James only” defender – apparently KJV is particularly inspired, and in Gipp’s “Answer Book” we also find the following “question/answer”:

Question: If there is a perfect Bible in English, doesn't there also have to be a perfect Bible in French, and German, and Japanese, etc?

Answer: God has always given His word to one people in one language to do one job; convert the world. The supposition that there must be a perfect translation in every language is erroneous and inconsistent with God's proven practice.

Yep. That’s a real, shining, and genuine “if English was good enough for Jesus …” (in line with this)

Diagnosis: You go get’em, Sam.