Sunday, September 29, 2013

#730: Randy Guliuzza

Randy Guliuzza is the (a?) National Representative for the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and author of Made in His Image: Examining the complexities of the human body. He has represented the ICR on several occasions, and was, for instance, ICR’s representative at the 2009 science standard debates of the Texas Board of Education, where he complained – among other things – that surveys showing a large support for evolution among scientists were bogus since they only surveyed scientists working on evolution, not everyone else. He also complained that scientists were trying to limit Freedom of Speech, and agreed with board member Cynthia Dunbar that experts actually don’t know anything, an opinion it is useful to know about if you wonder about some of the conclusions in his own book.

Apart from that, Guliuzza’s main things are the complexity of the eye, and being yet another instance of the Salem hypothesis.

The ICR is a splinter organization of Henry Morris’s Christian Heritage College. Since it has “research” in the title you can be pretty confident that they are exactly not doing any research; rather the ICR produces books full of creationist PRATTs, and maintain websites; all in the name of evangelizing on behalf of anti-science and trying to put religion into public schools. It is, however, possibly the most influential of all creationist organizations.

Diagnosis: Slick and zealous know-nothing, though an influential member of the anti-civilization movement


  1. Dr. Guliuzza has a B.S. in Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, a B.A. in theology from Moody Bible Institute, an M.D. from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Public Health from Harvard University. G.D. Who are you?

  2. Dr. G is awesome and I love what he has to say and how he says it about God.