Thursday, September 26, 2013

#726: Stefan Grossman

We have already discussed the hologram hypothesis, which has been invoked as a delightfully ad hoc measure to salvage otherwise miserably falsified 9/11 conspiracy theories. The “Hologram Theory” asserts that no commercial airliners hit the World Trade Center; rather the WTC was hit by “Cruise” type missiles that appeared to the naked eye to be airliners through the use of sophisticated hologram technology. Yes, it’s that silly, and it has to be accompanied by attempts to explain away the people on board those planes. But when you have gone down the road of Hologram Theory I guess you’ll be pretty numb to the problems of those efforts already.

According to Grossman “[t]he hologram theory has been attacked and ridiculed like no other theory relating to 9-11. In fact, however, it is based on stringent science, on reports from the military community and on careful analysis of the photos and mainstream media news videos of the alleged ‘plane’ crash into south tower and of at least 11 military stealth crafts close by the south tower.” You can read his argument here. It is rather notable that it seems to rely on the well-known Project Blue Beam conspiracy and the testimony of Thomas Bearden, which is as sound a basis for Grossman’s “stringent science” as taking the idea that the world is flat as a premise.

Of course, we could then discuss why the government would be using holograms when real planes would do the trick, but I don’t think it’s necessary to go there.

You can see an interview with “no-planer” John Lear (this guy) here, and an exposition of the rather more tongue-in-cheek “no building” theory here.

Diagnosis: Fair enough, Grossman is a rather minor figure in the truther movement. But his screeds are nevertheless read by people, and not all of them possess the minimum level of reason to recognize them for what they are. So he’s not completely toothless.

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