Monday, September 30, 2013

#732: Julie Haberle

Julie Haberle is (apparently) the founder of the Minnesota grassroots organization Who Is Your Creator, and a staunch creationist of the absolutely dumbest kind – the kind that makes Ray Comfort look erudite (well … ok that’s hyperbole). She is behind several billboards in Minnesota that allegedly “refute evolution”, primarily by directing people to her website, which according to herself is built by taking elements from Answers in Genesis and elsewhere and dumbing it down since Answers in Genesis is, according to Haberle, “very technical”. So yes, it’s all PRATTs, and it’s all the very stupidest PRATTs in the books. Thus Haberle asserts that there are no “transitory fossils”, and that because we haven’t grown wings, evolution didn’t happen, and if evolution is true, why are fish still trying to get out of the water? (How do you respond to that one?)

And to top it all with a real “gotcha” question; if evolution is true, why are there still monkeys? Yes, she really did.

Then, of course, there is the standard quote-mining and lies, for instance the claim that Carl Sagan knew the “mathematical statistics” were against life appearing on earth – that’s why he was looking for life on other planets, since it is impossible that we evolved.

She also produces videos designed for students. That is, to emphasize: she is not interested in research – she is doing outreach.

Diagnosis: Absolutely magnificently dense, and with such density comes zeal. She is doing her worst, of course, but with such lack of intellectual powers it is unclear how much impact she’ll have.

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  1. Very funny and just an FYI: I have never used the "why are there still monkeys?" comment. but thank you for including me on your list!