Monday, September 23, 2013

#721: Jim & Lila Green

A.k.a. James & Deborah Green
A.k.a. The Generals

Jim and Lila Green are the founders of The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps (ACMTC), also known as the Holy Tribal Nation, the Free Love Ministries, or the Life Force Team. As the name suggests this is a Biblicist, theocratic community. It was founded in 1981 with a pseudo-militaristic structure (still maintained), in which any order given by the Greens to people (including children) who join the group is expected to be obeyed.

The foundation of their paramilitaristic cult ministry in the early 80s, complete with logos and uniforms and promoting “aggressive Christianity”, soon – and predictably enough – led to a series of lawsuits and standoffs with the police, given the Greens’ tendency to keep people locked up for months as punishments, and taking children away from parents (even, in some cases, throwing the parents out of the ministry while keeping the children). Their response to a 1980s lawsuit, in which a woman was kept in isolation for months due to “spiritual adultery” (she was accused of placing her family and children above God in her life) was: “God told us to not go, so we didn't go. Just as the Bible says in 1st Corinthians 6:7 in the Amplified Bible, ‘Why, the very fact of your having lawsuits with one another at all is a defect (a defeat, an evidence of positive moral loss for you). Why not rather let yourselves suffer wrong and be deprived of what is your due? Why not rather be cheated (defrauded and robbed)?” That response is not particularly indicative of sound mental health, and the Greens lost the case. It was not the last time the Greens were accused of various crimes against other cult members  Of course, the Greens responded to the aforementioned loss by going more aggressive and upping up their missionary work.

As for theology, they used to present their views in a daily Sacramento radio program, The Battle Cry, which called on listeners to prepare for a war against Satanic forces, whom they said were behind everything from psychoanalysis and karate to fairy tales, and even caused colds. You can probably figure out yourself how ACMTC stands on religious tolerance, religious diversity, Islam, and homosexuality.

Diagnosis: The ACMTC is one of many extremist cults, and it is hard to say that it is necessarily much worse than the others. Their influence is probably limited, but they are insanely crazy, and not above ending up doing something really stupid. Vigilance should be maintained.


  1. Hello,

    I work for a television production company that has produced shows for TLC, Discovery and National Geographic to name a few. We are developing a show about religious cults for a major network. I was hoping you could provide me with some insight about this subject matter or point me in the right direction. My contact info is Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Did Shauna do that show on religious cults

    1. Netflix has a short documentary on these two nutballs and the FLDS (pedophile Warren Jeffs). It's called "I Escaped a Cult". It's done by National Geographic.

    2. Of course! Hadn't u saw her name on the credits? LOL

    3. There is another show that airs on the Investigation Discovery channel (ID) called Dangerous Persuasions. The episode I just watches was about the how Lila and her extremist cult brainwashed people. One family is the subject of the show, Maura and Steve Schmierer and their 4 children. Maura ends up being abused and taken hostage and imprisoned....but....she went along with it all thinking that it was a part of serving God....that is part of the brain washing. Steve ended up divorcing her and becoming a higher up in the ministry along with Lila. Maura was eventually excommunicated and once she got out the fog cleared. She sued for custody of her kids and finally got them back. Then she sued the ministry for false imprisonment, abuse, neglect and other things and was awarded 1 this day she has not received a penny. Her husband Steve claims that Maura is only bitter towards Lila, him and the ministry and can't accept the fact that they are divorced. Delusional party of....well, however many are in that ridiculous cult.

    4. I've just watched that program as well. It's so amazing how a thirty-odd year old woman could so easily be manipulated to do so many things that were totally against her whole belief system especially the cruelty to her son, the beating of him as a baby. How she really believed that God was telling those insane people what to do! Unbelievable, insanity.

  3. My brother - it is as bad as they say.

  4. we just learned this week that our brother passed away in May 2013. He was a member of this organization since the early 80's and was not allowed to speak to or acknowledge our family. He was cut off from his children and all those who loved him. He died alone and probably from a treatable medical condition. Steer clear!!

  5. Well I hope that people realize that there is always a counterfeit to the authentic. There is a real gospel of Jesus Christ and there is a fake one with another Jesus Christ (See 2 Corinthians 11:4, and Galatians 1:9 As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

    God will send you a strong delusion so you would believe a lie, so that you might be dammed, because you didn't want the truth.

    I pray everyone gets to God while he can still be found.

  6. Yeah, I was beaten my whole childhood because I wasn't obedient enough. One of my friends was driven to suicide for being possesed by demons (he was gay). And this cult, mormonism, is actively trying to get a member elected to the office of President. cults are fun!

  7. Oh my GOD this is point blank stupid! Why are they not being put to prison or the psychiatric ward?