Friday, April 5, 2013

#498: Anne Beversdorf

Update: Beversdorf has denied any involvement with the website Fair enough. Consider this entry and entry on Beversdorf and, separately, on the people behind that website, whoever they might be.

The inclusion of Anne Beversdorf in our Encyclopedia calls for some stage setting. Well, part of it doesn’t. Beversdorf is an astrologer who runs, or is at least involved in, the website, which is – as the name implies – a vortex of absolutely astounding woo. Purchase your water resonator here, and add in various instruments for frequency research (which looks suspiciously like microphone sets you could buy from ToysRus in the eighties) and an Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer (it’s a little hard to determine what a bio-photon is supposed to be, but you kinda get the drift anyways). You can also get a free one-minute healing.

Then you can check out their news section. Monday, October 24, 2011 the latest top headlines were “New World Order Chemtrails & Olgacom connection explained” (it didn’t meet my obviously too rigorous standards of explanation), “Obama Birth Certificate – Positive Proof of Forgery”, “Scientists cure Cancer but nobody notices!”, “Breast Cancer and Parkinson's are cured, yet organizations such as Komen continue to bleed women of their money and energy”, “Directed Energy Weapons – 911 and Beyond”, “The Fluoride Deception – Do You Know What It Is?” and “60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link to a Vaccine You Probably Had as a Child.” To complete the insanity, all of the news and products are astoundingly amateurish, showing not the faintest trace of reading comprehension or understanding of scientific methods, evidence, critical thinking, or what an explanation of a phenomenon is – it’s really the quantum woo response to (as their statement of purpose you’ll find “We believe in the philosophy of Dr. Nikola Tesla”.

It is hard to determine Beversdorf’s full contribution to the site, but at least she has contributed to their ORMUS stuff, and in a way that hilariously underlines the amateurishness of the whole thing. ORMUS, or “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements” (yes, the “US” part is unclear) is explained here. It is, in general, cotton farmer David Hudson’s feeble attempt to get prana, chi, manna and the Fountain of Youth into the periodic table by appeal to wishful thinking, delusions, conspiracies, and blatant contradictions and through adding a “third dimension” to the table. Beversdorf, who titles herself “Inner Growth Counselor Western and Vedic Astrologer”, apparently caught on, providing a highly complex, quantum-involving procedure for creating ORMUS at home. Of course, Beversdorf doesn’t have any formal training in physics or chemistry (and no real idea what those sciences really involve), so she seems to have drawn on her background experience and cursory understanding of chemical experiments, and came up with this (“only for research purposes”). I suppose anyone with a background in chemistry and physics could continue her work – but be sure that Beversdorf gets equal credit when the Nobel prizes get awarded.

You can contact her “for more information on Ormus, combining Ormus with essential oils, or for astrological insights into personal growth.”

Diagnosis: One wouldn’t think it would be possible by now, but yes – some loons still manage to surprise.

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  1. While I am flattered to be considered an American Loon, I'm afraid I'm here under false pretenses. I don't know the web site to which you refer. I don't know, endorse, certify, or otherwise have anything to do with their content. The fact that they have reproduced my Ormus recipe without permission does not make me a purveyer of all their views. Make me a loon for being an astrologer if you wish, but hang this website under their own name, not mine.