Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#512: Joel Borofsky

Joel Borofsky is probably best known as Bill Dembski’s research assistant and as co-moderator of his blog. He is also known for failing to quite properly grasp the Discovery Institute’s strategy in Kansas: The Discovery Institute of course framed their anti-science as critical evaluation of evolution” rather than pro-creationism; so when Borofsky claimed that the strategy was to get Intelligent Design taught in schools during the Kansas Evolution Hearings it led to some furious backpedalling. Borofsky’s own attempts to explain what he meant were pretty feeble and involved your typical creationist misquotations and quote-mining – of himself.

In fairness, Borofsky was far from the only creationist to fail to grasp the creationists’ own strategy. On the other hand, Borofsky has proven himself to be a pretty solid moron on other occasions as well, failing even the most obvious distinctions of basic critical thinking.

Here’s a careful analysis of Borofsky’s contribution to science, and a discussion of what the role of a research assistant” for Dembski could possibly involve.

Diagnosis: A minor figure in the ID movement, perhaps, but a rather helplessly delusional one, who, in the end, seems to be harming his own anti-science movement more than helping it.

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