Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#511: Xavier Borg

Christopher Booker would certainly have been honored with inclusion in our Encyclopedia if he hadn’t been British, but he is so he won’t. Then there is the case of James Bopp, the guy behind the suggested St. Reagan GOP purity test (that St. Reagan would have failed with flying colors), and the attempt to get the Democratic Party renamed ”the Democratic Socialist Party”; but neither instance is clearly ”loon” rather than ”zealous douche”.

Well, enter arch-crackpot Xavier Borg, or ”Engineer Xavier Borg” as he likes to call himself. To be honest, I have no real idea whether Xavier Borg is American, and I don't have a picture, but he is nevertheless well worth covering. Engineer Xavier Borg is out to revolutionize physics with his own, entirely original idea based on the notion that everything is orbiting around a fixed center of the universe, the “Kolob”. In the course of developing his ideas, Borg reinvents practically everything else in physics to make it fit (rejecting matter in favor of “standing electromagnetic waves”), peppers it all with complex equations while simultaneously notoriously failing to provide a mathematical foundation for his basic notions and mechanisms. You can see a respectful but fair critique here (also here).

Borg has plenty of abstracts and papers online. Needless to say none have been published in serious journals. He also appears to run something called the “blazelabs.com”, and appears to be relatively frequently cited by other authors with their own crackpot versions of physics to push.

Diagnosis: A case of pure crackpottery, and as purely a crackpot as crackpots come. Probably harmless, though there are observations of people (non-physicists) who refer to Borg as a credible source, thus bestowing upon him the honor of being a minor bt recognized footsoldier in the battle against science and critical thinking.


    I'm Maciej Marosz from POLAND ( in 2012 I made important for physics test ) I very like his theory

    My test


    EM drive ( Nasa showed raport 4 weeks ago -I made test 2 y ago ) http://youtu.be/cSsTWRt0VBA

  2. I'm not knowledgeable enough in physics to know the extent to which Xavier Borg's theories have legs, but I do know that the author of this blurb called him "crackpot" five times. You don't win an argument with name calling, not in the law, not in science. There is a name for such individuals as the author of this blurb, it is a "troll." You think Borg is a "crackpot"? Prove it with real science, real math, real logic. Only bullies use name calling to win arguments.

    1. There is no "argument". And science doesn't work by argument. If you really wish to see what's wrong with Borg's claims, follow the links to the takedowns given in the post.

      The purpose of our blog is not to provide detailed takedowns, but to point you toward some relevant resources if you are genuinely interested in the issue.

  3. Your profile is very convincing, that says all.