Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#510: Arch Bonnema

Arch Bonnema, even though he is the wealthy founder and president of My House Ministries, is something of a lowkey figure. He is also a philanthropist who may, in the end, not be evil – though he is definitely confused. He was the producer of (and appeared in) the movie "The Genius Club", a heavy-handed, rather explicitly Christian thriller featuring Stephen Baldwin, Tom Sizemore and others. He also had a central role in the Impact: The Passion of the Christ, a documentary on the impact of, well, Mel Gibson’s eponymous fake-snuff torture porn.

So how did he get on the list of loons? Well, primarily because he suddenly showed up here. As part of his philanthropic ventures, Bonnema sponsored and participated in Bob Cornuke’s expedition to find Noah’s Ark in Iran in 2006. And Bonnema appears to believe that they actually found it (and still seemed to believe that in 2012, traveling around presenting pictures and alleged artifacts from the "find"). That’s ample qualifications for an entry.

Diagnosis: Although he probably means well, it is hard to judge when you’re so off the deep end. A generally lowkey figure, but definitely one to watch.


  1. Means well he does not. Please take a look at what a quick search finds. http://courtstuff.com/EDOCS/11/1/11162915.PDF. I am part of a group of investors who hold a fraud judgment against this man for a ponzi scheme. Stay away!

  2. Arch Bonnema was a promoter of a religious based pyramid scheme, Advantage Conferences, that bilked Christians out of millions of dollars. He got tangled up with serial scammers Jack Weinzierl and Tim Darnell. They sued me and the Dallas Better Business Bureau and lost both cases in Summary Judgment. It is quite a sordid saga.


  3. This man is off. His Christian thinking is his way or no way. He bullies people on his Facebook page that don't think or believe as he does. And, so do his followers. Facebook I was told banned him but he somehow made it back. Bonnema has been in the so called Facebook jail many times. He posts off the wall material that goes against their policies. I was unaware of his pyramid schemes but his personality and asinine statements come out in full view for one to make a choice to stay away from him altogether.