Saturday, April 27, 2013

#526: Kyle Bristow

Kyle Bristow is the former leader of the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, a group listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center a few years ago under his leadership, and something of a thorn in the side of the university itself. Bristow later, in 2008, managed to get elected as a Republican precinct delegate.

Bristow made some headlines when he made an effort to invite neo-Nazi and white nationalists like Nick Griffin (when criticized for that choice by LGF, YAF’s brilliant response was: “LGF and Al Qaeda both have something in common: they hate Western civilization and those who stand up for it”), Jared Taylor and Paul Fromm to speak on (or near) MSU's campus, and got people like Preston Wiginton (a well-known Stormfront activist waxing lyrical about the joys of beating up dark-skinned people) to help him with the events. Bristow also praised the work of white nationalist John de Nugent, as well as John Mangopolous for saying that God sent Katrina to New Orleans to get rid of the gays and that if he was God, he would do far more than that. A charming fellow, in other words.

But of course, Bristow still takes offense if anyone points out his connections to white supremacists.

He has also published a novel, “White Apocalypse”, about the Solutrean hypothesis, the notion that white Europeans beat the Indians to the new world by thousands of years and were wiped out by them. In his novel he took care to have every real life person who disagree with him brutally murdered, which is not evidence for a virtuous character. And yes, the whole thing is one of the most bizarre white supremacist fantasies ever penned – and there’s some pretty tough competition for that. John De Nugent is a fan, by the way.

Bristow’s response to Obama’s (original) election involved the criticism “blacks aren't as politically civilized.” But Bristow isn’t a racist!

The self-styled legal advisor to the MSU YAF chapter was one Jason van Dyke. He is described here.

Diagnosis: A peerlessly hysterically insane ball of raging bigotry, Bristow’s lack of judgment predictably makes him a Neal Adams-style crackpot as well. How he could be taken seriously by anyone is a mystery, but an unsurprising one. Dangerous.


  1. I have a few new ones I discovered recently.

    Kay S. Hymowitz (anti-feminist Heritage Foundation shill who repeats the tiresome meme about the 1960s leading to a moral decline popular among social conservatives in her book Liberation's Children; the same book, as well as a later one, also blames single-mothers and the 1960s (of course) for the lack of good men available out there (good men are apparently intimidated by successful women with careers, so women should give up those careers and than marriage and family values (TM) will be saved or something; it's obvious from her inane blatherings that she has no idea how men's brains work); really the entire mantra of her books is "get back in the kitchen"; she's no where near as bad as Phyllis Schlafly, but she's clueless enough to qualify for an entry in this encyclopedia I think)
    Walter Williams ("economist" of the Austrian-school variety), writer for WorldNetDaily, likes to rant ignorantly about leftist colleges indoctrinating America's youth)
    Jeffrey Kuhner (utterly, fanatically insane paleoconservative columnist for Washington Times)
    Charlie Sykes (Rush Limbaugh wanna-be and weapon's grade hypocrite)

  2. G. D. Rule #526: Anyone I do not like is a Neo-Nazi.

    For a "crackpot", his legal career's going pretty hot so far.

    1. No one has called Bristow a neo-nazi. He presumably isn't. But his involvement with the people and groups mentioned is not exactly a secret - nor is it a secret that he has said some pretty disturbing thing. And being a loon is not necessarily a hindrance to having a decent legal career. Phillip Johnson used to do well.

  3. I am disappointed that I didn't get my own piece on this list. I would be in such good company.