Tuesday, June 7, 2016

#1672: Gary Greenwald

Gary Greenwald in his glory days.
Now, this is a legend. It’s been a while since he’s been in the spotlight, but Gary Greenwald was big in the 80s and early 90s, the heydays of the Satanic Panic movement, to which he contributed a series of currently much sought-after videos in which he would find occult or satanic symbolism almost everywhere, especially in toys, music or television shows for kids. His primary target was, in fact, rock music, which he claimed contained much demonic backward masking, but many raging fundies were doing that in the 80s and Greenwald’s name is forever tied to the videos he created with “Turmoil in the toybox”-author Phil Phillips, in which they analyzed Saturday morning cartoons and various toys for their putative Satanic influence. Apparently winding each other up, Phillips and Greenwald would make more and more bizarre claims; here you can for instance watch Greenwald top Phillips’s claim that Smurfs are undead corpses with an anecdote about Dungeons and Dragons game pieces screaming in pain when thrown into the fireplace. Apparently Greenwald still runs something called “Eagle’s Nest Ministries” in California and practices faith healing.

Greenwald’s topics were not limited to music and toys, but also concerned Asian martial arts, yoga and cursed statues and jewelry that might have a demonic influence on their owners. Highlights of his output include:
-       The Punk Called Rock (1981) a cassette series where Greenwald would expose satanic subliminal messages in the popular music of the era. These are currently coveted collectors’ items.
-       Marijuana, the Heavenly Deception (1983), a book.
-       Rock’s Primal Scream (1983), a VHS where Greenwald presents examples of how Satan uses rock music to control listeners and in the end completely possess them.
-       Deception of a Generation (1984 or 1985), the classic series where he and Phillips take on e.g.
o   Scooby-Doo, which promotes occult things like amulets, spell-casting and “dark and evil realms.”
o   E.T., which sent a clear Satanic message (it’s actually a bit unclear what it was, but E.T.’s healing powers were apparently meant to mislead children into thinking that Jesus was an alien).
o   He-Man: the toys were magical objects, and the show instructed kids in how to use these items to cast spells (with incantations like “By the power of Grayskull”) and worship pagan idols; the message of the show being that “He-Man is more powerful than Jesus.”
o   The Thundercats series; promoting all sorts of paganism (after all, the main characters were human/animal hybrids much like the deities of many ancient religions); also, they would use martial arts, which is clearly a Satanic practice since it is rooted in false Eastern religions.
o   Superman, which promotes necromancy.
o   The Smurfs: primarily designed to get children to think that an entirely homosexual community is just fine – in addition to the fact that their blue color being a symbol of the fact that they are spirits of the dead. Yup, gay zombies, no less.
o   She-Ra; explicit promotion of witchcraft.
o   My Little Pony; unicorns are pagan and hate Jesus.
o   Star Wars, which promotes paganism, Zen Buddhism and outright Satanism (the Force is obviously Satan); moreover, Darth Vader was “intentionally designed to look like Odin,” something that was definitely lost on anyone but Greenwald and Phillips (he was also, you know, the bad guy, but perhaps Greenwald and Phillips didn’t quite see it that way).
-       Prophets and Prophetic Movements (1990), a book with an impressive range of random but consistently completely insane pieces of advice on how to run a church.
-       Seductions Exposed: The Spiritual Dynamics of Relationships (2003), a more recent book in which he explains various factors that can lead to abusive relationships and romantic problems, such as “cursing yourself through forbidden statues, jewelry, and practices.”

It is worth noting that Rock’s Primal Scream followed a series of lectures and at least one mass record smashing event.

Diagnosis: A legend. True, his efforts may have caused some frustration among kids in the eighties, but he arguably makes up for that with the entertainment value he provides these days. Complete idiot.


  1. This guy's positions are pretty much standard among 3rd wave Pentecostals, who are in turn the rank and file of the Dominionists. If you want to see some folks that are every bit as demented and MASSIVELY influential, have a look at the leadership of the New Apostolic Reformation.

    1. You who listen to the lie,will die by the lie!

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  3. The real deception was how these two charlatans bled gullible parents out of their hard earned cash through $15 lessons on audio cassettes. The videos should be shown in propaganda classes to highlight their effectiveness. There's one born every minute.

  4. If you people feel that pastor Gary Greenwald is crazy? Then he must be doing God's will because the unsaved and those who are in error always think that a true man of God is strange because he speaks God's word without fear of what anyone might think of him because a true man of God is said to be in the world but not of the world because he obeys the will of God.

  5. I still have a set of the punk called rock cassettes. My parents somehow got them during their Pentecostal phase when I was in elementary school. I didn't know music at the time, and though as a 3rd or 4th grader I could sense something off in the messenger, they still spooked me enough to stay away from rock music until late in high school. Which became a pretty major regret later in life as I realised how important music is, and that "satanic" or dark themed music is a minuscule slice of the rock music library. I imagine he did a major disservice to a lot of kids in the 80s. Don't know why I still hang on to the tapes. Reminder of the danger of cultish thinking perhaps.

  6. I have and am selling the VHS called "Rock's Primal scream" which is rare, I know--I will accept a Best Offer over $25 and can be reached at thunderdocz@gmail.com

  7. Those who call God's people loons are in danger of their very souls. Beware, GOD, AND HIS PEOPLE WILL NOT BE MOCKED!!!