Friday, June 10, 2016

#1674: Bryan Griem

Rev. Bryan Griem, a California-based pastor, may be an unpleasant fellow who doesn’t like the idea that people who disagree with him on metaphysical issues have rights, but being an unpleasant fellow is not enough to give you an entry. Griem, however, is also a creationist. Like most creationists he doesn’t really understand evolution, but he is nevertheless not afraid to conclude that “Big Science” is in some sort of conspiracy against good religious people like himself. Accordingly, he has called out Bill Nye as “the scary guy, the pagan guy; one worshiping godless misdirection,” and concluded that scientists are motivated by money and anti-religious arrogance (yeah, a standard trick for justifying why you won’t bother to actually understand something or look at the evidence): They “garner funding, find arti-‘facts’ and pretend life’s knowledge. They’re ignorant, as Nye illustrates. I don’t like him anymore. Neither do my kids.” Indeed, like Voltaire, Nye is a “dork.” So that settles that. Griem is also behind a very positive review of “Expelled”, but I won’t link to that one (search it up yourself if you, for some reason, should want to read it).

Aside from that, Griem is on record lamenting the status of the US as a Christian nation (which he, like so many fundamentalists, claims is what the Founding Fathers intended all along), for instance pointing out that in a truly Christian nation “pregnant women would not murder the offspring they produced from their wanton lifestyles” and “gay pride would be an oxymoron,” and that Obama was not elected by a Christian nation – he couldn’t have been (ostensibly since people who disagree with Griem on politics couldn’t be real Christians). So, yeah: that kind of guy.

Diagnosis: An unpleasant person. Stay well away (but I doubt minimally reasonable and decent people would have much trouble realizing that on their own once Griem opens his mouth).

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  1. Ha! He cheated with my then-fiance, no he's not a very good Christian either.