Friday, March 8, 2013

#456: Salvador Astucia

If you’re looking for crazy, then Salvador Astucia delivers. Plenty. For instance, when Astucia asserts that “Physicist Edward Teller likely sponsored President Kennedy’s and John Lennon’s assassinations,” the word “likely” does not seem to correspond to any generally accepted way of measuring probabilities. The evidence, according to Astucia, is that Teller was “an ardent Zionist” and that “Teller and Kennedy clashed over Kennedy's limited nuclear test ban treaty.” Bob Kennedy and John Lennon were apparently removed for the same reason; that is, Lennon would probably have opposed Teller’s nuclear plans. So he had to go. The full interview in which Astucia explains his positions is here. He has apparently written a book “Rethinking John Lennon’s Assassination”, where he argues that of course Mark Chapman didn’t shoot Lennon. The doorman, one José Perdomo, did. But he wasn’t really José Perdomo, you see, but one Sanjenis, a Cuban exile, spy and hitman (Chapman was just a mind control subject) who died in 1974. At least Astucia dismisses authors (such as Fenton Bresler, ardently advocated by one Barry Chamish here) who has insinuated that Nixon was behind the assassination. (Chamish, by the way, argues that Lennon had been brain-muddled by the CIA plant Yoko Ono, and as evidence he cites the silliness of the late song “Imagine”, which suggests the bizarre idea that a world without religion could be good! Clearly this is CIA, Illuminati, government or Zionist propaganda).

This one might provide some indication of how Astucia’s mind works. After being ridiculed online by someone, Astucia shows that the critic in question was really involved in the murder and wants to put Astucia in a bad light – which again, of course, is evidence that he is right.

Astucia’s webpage is here. It is illuminating. Thing is, the Lennon conspiracy is just the start. The full range of the conspiracy can be found here. Michael Jackson, Virginia Tech shootings, tsunamis, The Holocaust. It’s all there. When your standards of evidence is “someone disagrees with my conjecture. Therefore I am right,” why not just let it all spin, unfettered by reason or reality.

Diagnosis: A loon’s loon. Probably rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but boy is he crazy.


  1. As the person called 'Eric B.' on that page I now believe that Astucia may have been onto something after all. The above link is dead but it is still in the Wayback Machine:

    Of course I am not the 'Mr. Rosen' he claimed I was, but I have a bit more sympathy for his paranoia in hindsight.

    Once you understand the mystery of why Lennon really married Yoko Ono all the pieces begin to fall into place. Suffice to say that she is by her own accounts a witch. Good luck to anyone who follows this down the rabbit hole.

  2. I'm sorry this is the link:

    Anyway, yeah Salvador was/is a bit of a loon, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. I have no idea who this Rosen guy is, except for what Astucia wrote. I had a page on my Time Warner Roadrunner account with some of his lunacy. At the time I was very active in and people would wander into one of rants and ask what was going on so I made the page to link others to rather than explain.

    Another person revealed Salvadore Astucia's real name and address which was/is David L. Sharp of Gainesburg, MA. Basically his posts were a disturbance to the group and since we couldn't ban him we took turns trolling him.

  3. Last link I promise:

  4. Musical parodies of the "Astucia Report".