Saturday, March 30, 2013

#489: Eliana Benador

Eliana Benador appears to be a “publicist to neoconservative stars,” meaning that she gives advice on what they should do to look good on TV. Her company, Benador Associates, got some attention for functioning as a kind of public relations office for the war in Iraq; no, I’m not sure I completely grasp the idea either.

But lunacy shines through in particular in her role as a conservative blogger for the Moonie Rag Washington Times. Among her more notable contributions was her weighing in on the Weiner scandal, suggesting thatAnthony Weiner, who is Jewish, had converted to Islam and that his recent scandal may undermine the Muslim socialist plot to take over America. The article was of course promptly pulled from the Washington Times website, but is discussed here and here.

Benador also contributes to Teapartynation, mostly with unhinged anti-Islam paranoia to the effect that there is a Muslim-socialist conspiracy to take over the US, but also weighing in on Murdoch’s attempt to purchase Sky News, calling the criticism of Murdoch “reminiscent of Medieval witch-hunts” (as a frightening number of people she is completely unable to distinguish criticism from persecution, which means that she ends up having a very bizarre view of the First Amendment). The fact that she starts screeds with “most of the information below can be verified” does not bode particularly well either. (It couldn’t)

Diagnosis: Pretty mad, but the kind of insanity that is rather indistinguishable from mere stupid and ignorance. Her influence is probably rather negligible.


  1. So she makes people look good on TV...including "gently" suggesting to them to lose weight or buy new clothes.

    I wonder if she could make Rush look good on radio? (Nah, she may be loony, but she's probably just smart enough not to take on the impossible).

  2. I too had a disagreement with her on Twitter, so she blocked me. She acts as if she is the owner of the truth and only her view is valid, when I disagree with her "facts".