Thursday, March 28, 2013

#487: Mark Russell Bell

It is common to make small revisions when you issue a new edition of an old book. A book such as the Bible has undergone numerous such revisions to tidy up the language (or remove unsuitable passages). Some such revisions are more substantial than others, but the general idea is to make such an important, relevant book keep up with the times. Mark Russell Bell is thus in good company when he updates the Bible with small bits and detail he thought were missing in the original, sort of to fill in the gaps (ok, so it is more like an addendum). Among the things Bell thought the Bible needed is information about “poltergeists, aliens, bigfoot, synchronicity, angels, prophecies, reincarnation, psychic abilities, the Oneness of all spirit, Pop culture, Christ consciousness and events pertaining to what is sometimes referred to as the second coming.”

The results are predicably captivatingly stunning. You can find the revised (old) Testament here, and the revised New Testament here. Bell does emphasize that “this is a non-fiction book”, but I am not sure he really understands what the distinction amounts to. For a nice touch “Click here to see the detail of the reptilian-humanoid face on the cover artifact.” Here is Bell’s “interesting articles, links, and other media”: 

Diagnosis: Delightfully unhinged in a manner which is life-enriching rather than dangerous. Completely harmless.

I’d also like to recommend to readers the excellent resource where I first came across Bell.


  1. Excellent blog, thank you. May I nominate Gregg Braden?

    All time AGW crank magnet Anthony Watts deserves an entry, looks like I'll have to wait most of the year to see it!

  2. I have some new candidates.

    Tom Bethell (...just check his RationalWiki page)

    Ed Driscoll of Pajamas Media
    Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit

    Dave Buehner & Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio

    "Dr." Benjamin Carson
    Mychal Massie
    Jeffrey Kuhner
    Steven Crowder
    Cathy Brennan

    Felipe Coronel (AKA Immortal Technique) (he's a 9/11 troofer)

    Kyle Bristow
    John Nolte (Breitbart stooge)
    Eric Dondero
    Gary North
    Lew Rockwell
    Russell Blaylock
    Mark Levin
    G. Gordon Liddy
    Bill Cunningham
    David Horowitz
    Burt Prelutsky (WorldNetDaily loon)
    Erik Rush
    Dennis Prager
    Mike Malloy
    Ed Shultz

    A guy I just discovered but is definitely a nutcase (Erik Brewer)

    After Dick Cheney criticizes Obama for "weaking American sovereignty" and making bad foreign policy decisions, I think Cheney now qualifies just for his staggering lack of self-awareness.

    Ted Cruz (it's truly frightening that someone like this is a senator)

    Dana Loesch
    Erick Erickson

    Robert Knight (batshit insane WND commentator)

  3. Marvelous nominations by Breh!

  4. And I'd like to nominate George Cleveland of North Carolina:

    Once made Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World":

    Item #5 here:

    (This is George's buddy, who's worth an entry of his own):

    and when you have the time, pour yourself a drink and sit back and enjoy this lunacy: