Saturday, March 16, 2013

#469: Mike Bara

Mike Bara is an engineering consultant and another one of those frenziedly confused conspiracy theorist who gleefully defends virtually any hopelessly insane conspiracy theory he comes across, including but not limited to the idea that the moonlanding was a hoax. He is the author of “The Choice” and has coauthored “Dark Mission – The Secret History of NASA” with Richard Hoagland. The “about the book” page on his website says that “Dark Mission took nearly four years to complete and includes over 200 illustrations and NASA images, many in full color. This 550 page book includes close to 200 footnotes and scientific references supporting its shocking conclusions” – that is the complete blurb, and you cannot be but convinced by the profundity of such research. Apparently Bara has in the process also uncovered the secret nature of evidence: a function of the number of footnotes and page numbers. Add in some pictures, and it counts as proof as well. You can read an interview with Bara here.

Apparently Bara doesn’t fancy evolution either, apparently because evolutionists, as opposed to practising Christians, have been less open-minded about his UFO and moonlanding-related claims – and because his ancient astronaut claims seem to be in discordance with the Darwinian explanation of the fossil record. You can read more about his ”research” at his websites and, but I don’t have the faintest clue why you would want to do that.

Among his alleged areas of expertise are Exopolitics, Alientology, UFOLOGY, Pole Shifts, Planet Nibiru, Sumerians, the Annunaki, Star Gates, and the Mayan Calendar.

Diagnosis: Hysterically disassociated from reality, Bara is probably pretty harmless – though he comes across as pretty miffed that people who are actually able to use reason don’t really pay much heed to his claims.


  1. That's reasonably accurate other than "including but not limited to the idea that the moonlanding was a hoax." Bara is NOT an Apollo-hoaxer -- in fact, he devoted a whole chapter of his appalling book "Ancient Aliens on the Moon" to pointing out the fallacies.

    Also, "miffed" is putting it mildly. His main debating technique is extravagant insult, and he appears to consider insinuations of homosexuality a fine insult, too. Make of that what you will.

    1. I can attest to that Expat. I have been on the end of a Bara insult barrage questioning not only my intellect, but, as is his style, my sexuality as well.

      All for simply pointing out mistakes in his horrific mathematics. Mike Bara is a fraud. No doubt about it.

  2. Apollo-hoax add: Hilariously, Mike goes along with Richard Hoagland's theory that NASA itself started the hoax rumors. He announced that a senior NASA PAO was seen accompanying a man in a greatcoat, distributing fliers denouncing Apollo in the press room, "where the press was gathered for the splashdown of Apollo 11".

    That would be a superbly accurate statement, were it not for the tiny fact that this happened at JPL, which had nothing to do with Apollo. The press were not gathered for the splashdown, but for the closest approach to Mars of Mariner 6.

    The PAO in question was Frank Bristow. I knew Frank -- he was a bit of a plodder, but very conscientious. If the story is true at all, it is infinitely more likely that Frank was accompanying "Greatcoat Man" to ensure that he exercised his First Amendment rights without bothering the journalists.

    Mike Bara gets everything wrong.

  3. I always wondered about that story hoagy told about the guy handing out pamphlets...nice to finally know the real story behind it.

  4. Don't forget the theory of Atlantis.

  5. Update: Bara has now written five more books, all of them utter trash. In "Hidden Agenda" (2016) he grabbed an image of a landslip down the wall of a lunar crater, turned it upside down, and claimed it was evidence of crystalline structures on the Moon.

  6. Wow....this guy is just a bad seed. It is shameful he is peddling his stuff as factual...and these Ancient Alien tv shows are hogwash as well. Some Americans are so gullible it is sad.

  7. Anyone knows if he has academic credentials. He claims to be an "aerospace consultant"