Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#464: C.B. Baker

I cannot provide much biographical info on C.B. Baker, but the fact that his(?) screeds have been picked up by ensures that he merits consideration for inclusion in our encyclopedia. And he passes the looney test with flying colors.

Baker’s premise seems to be that the US is not facing imminent invasion by the UN, but that the US has already been invaded by Soviet and UN troops: “Acting under U.N. occupation orders, U.S. military and national guard forces are now being trained to attack civilians in this country. In Alaska, contingents of Russian military OCCUPATION FORCES are reported to have already landed.” Under the subheading “electromagnetic totalitarian control over America” Baker, attempts to show that the KGB used mind-controlling techniques in the Camp David event and elsewhere; and he claims to have read this (or information implying this) in Scientific American and the Wall Street Journal. The “PSYCHOTRONICS CZAR OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER” – the one who is in day-to-day charge of this traitorous behavior is colonel John B. Alexander. “The Federal Government has acquired enough high tech psychotronic devices to zap the minds of targeted victims and if necessary even create the APPEARANCE of UFO abductions as an experimental method to conceal a program of injecting tiny computer tracking-chips into targeted subjects,” says Baker, and backs it up with all the evidence he thinks he needs (he believes this – what more do you need to establish the veracity of the claim?)

The government also use the enticing-sounding “HAMMER AND SICKLE MIND ZAPPING” (I have no idea; you better check it yourself) and the even more interestingly titled “SATANIC 666 SOVIET ZAPPING DEVICES”. You can also read Baker’s explanation of electromagnetic disease transmission here.

Diagnosis: Apparently the idea that one should wish for evidence for claims is part of the conspiracy as well. Baker, however, is probably harmless.

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