Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#463: Marcus Bachmann

Marcus Bachmann is the guy who in 1978 married Michele Bachmann under orders derived from a vision that she, Marcus, and another college friend simultaneously experienced. According to Michele, then, this is the guy she is submissive to and obeys. Marcus runs a counseling clinic, Bachmann & Associates, which is proud to be able to cure homosexuality while publicly denying that it engages in “reparative therapy” – an easily proven lie. According to Marcus, gay people are “barbarians” and they apparently need his hateful and bigoted counseling to become proper, civilized people. The method behind their gay reversion therapy, however, is primarily religious myths and delusional nonsense.

Marcus Bachmann is very sympathetically portrayed here.

Diagnosis: Vile piece of shit who tries to compensate for his lunacy by being extra evil. 

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  1. ...never mind the fact that he is so obviously gay himself.