Monday, November 22, 2010

#101: Randy Demain

Randy Demain is seemingly one of ordinary daily life’s amiable, calm and nice guys (well, I imagine that he is). But when he dons his True Christian™ suit he obeys the word of God and … raises the dead. That’s what he claims, literally. He just walks up to a corpse, tells it to get up, and – woosh – up it pops and starts walking around. Apparently Randy does this all the time. To some it seems baffling for some reason, but the whole thing is apparently really easy.

So can he back up his claims? Oh yes. You see, he can tell at least two stories – curiously both took place in Africa –when he raised a woman and a baby from the dead. He admits that it is harder to do it in the West, presumably because westernized Christians have adjusted themselves to a demystified worldview or something, but he encourages all true Christians to give it a try.

The utterly insane bloggers at endtimespropheticwords think Demain is a false prophet. However, I am not sure they count as the voice of reason even in this matter.

His website is here. Demain has also written (at least) the book “Dominion Surges", which, according to the product description “is an equipping manual for mobilizing the body of Christ into an offensive posture, restoring in us a sense of dominion and power over the enemy.”

Diagnosis: Utterly, irrevocably, completely insane; the kind of person you may encounter in an asylum who appears jovial and sane until he opens his mouth. He’s probably harmless, though.


  1. Obviously when the dead popped up they ate his brains.

  2. This story is a bit pointless regardless of your religious position. You spend time to write a story to call a man you have never met a loon? Wonder how sane that makes you look. #justsaying

    1. Ok, thinker. I'm happy to take good criticism into consideration. There are two things in your objection that I would really like you to expand on. The first is why you think the"story" is "pointless", what you think should be a/the point of this entry, and why religious position is supposed to have anything to do with it. The second is why you think it is relevant whether I have actually *met* the guy - why on Earth should that matter?

    2. I concur with thinker. You cannot judge one to be a loon without evidence of said loony-ness. :)
      As for raising the dead, didn't the Apostles raise the dead in the book of Acts? A large portion of Christians (including Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox) would hold that some still have the capabilities of the Apostles, including healing and the sign gifts. Regardless of one's position relating to the sign gifts, considering one a 'loon' relating to the sign gifts is not a tenable position.

  3. Wow, if you are correct no problem, but if you are speaking against a Holy Spirit filled, man of God moving in the Holy Ghost you are blaspheming the Holy Spirit and on dangerous ground. Remember Ananias and Sapphira that both dropped dead because they lied to the Apostles about how much money they received for some land they sold?When this happened the Apostles asked the wife what made you think you could do such a thing? You have not lied to men, but to God!!!
    I encourage you to read your bible daily and remember the Words that Jesus said in the Gospel of John chapter 14 verses 12-14 It states that anyone that has faith in Him, will not only do what Jesus did but will do even greater things then Jesus did because He was going to the Father. He has not come back and changed His Words has He? He also said what ever we ask in His name He will do !!!

  4. I'm trying to read up on this Randy DeMain and this website has been of no help whatsoever.