Sunday, October 23, 2011

#254: Jan Markell

Jan Markell points out that countries in Europe are suffering a financial crisis. European countries are socialist. Hence they are suffering a financial crisis because they are socialist. And she argues forcefully that America is failing to heed the clear warning here – Obama is still promoting unabashed socialism, so America may quickly follow the socialist European countries down the drain. As an example of “unnatural” American socialism, at least the health care reform was clearly against God’s plan for health care.

So who is this perceptive finance analyst and political analyst? This economic genius is the founder of Olive Tree Ministries. She seems to have learned her economy and politics from the Bible. From the Bible she also learned that the world is going to end pretty soon and that “you cannot understand the times today without understanding the proper kind of eschatology”.

She is strongly opposed to globalism (or at least sees it as a sign of the end times which, given that the end times are part of God’s plan, makes her opposition a little weird). Global warming, for instance, is just a pretext to sign up for a global government and a new world order. She didn’t like the fact that Minnesota back in 2006 elected a Muslim to congress either.

You can read more of her rants here.

Diagnosis: Stock fundie, Taliban crackpot and professional moron. Impact unknown.


  1. Here's Jan Markell weighing in on Harold Camping. (I'm not sure, come to think of it, if this link is among the hyperlinks in the article itself).

  2. Jan Markell fears for Minnesota's continued existence, for precisely the lunatic reasons you'd suspect.

  3. Markell is still waiting for the end times. Now it is the Obama administration’s announcement of a sixteen year plan to transfer oversight of the Internet from the federal government to a nonprofit backed by the US Department of Commerce that will usher in the endtimes. In addition to the usual suspects, of course: Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Walking Dead, for instance.

  4. Have you guys read about her ouija board story?