Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#313: Sarah Palin

A.k.a. Bible Spice
A.k.a. Pit bull in lipstick (her own characterization)
A.k.a. Caribou Barbie

Ok, this one’s a challenge. How to distinguish stupidity from lunacy? (Or for that matter, from malevolence – if Grey’s Law applied both ways, many people we’ve ignored would have to be counted as loons). Ignorance tends to turn into lunacy when accompanied by second-order ignorance, at least, but this is probably not a necessary condition, although incompetence at basic rational reasoning may perhaps be sufficient.

So Palin’s application for inclusion in the Encyclopedia raises questions. I think we should disregard her ignorance, vileness, vacuity, helpless blathering, idiotic statements on the verge of meaninglessness, incompetence, complete (and I mean complete) lack of self-awareness, and her ability to talk into a camera for five minutes with complete confidence without producing any meaningful content (which reflects badly on her followers more than on herself), or even her rather obviously pathological habit of lying. But stupidity and Dunning-Kruger are at least at work in this one, and in this one. And genuine insanity seems to run rampant here.

She had been noted for her creationist sympathies before she burst into fame in 2008, and is indeed on the record as a young earth creationist, Ken Ham-style, as well as for peddling theocracy.

She is more extensively covered here. We really can’t be bothered to rant at length about this one.

John Lofton thinks Sarah Palin is a liberal appeaser, by the way.

Diagnosis: Serious loon. But the real problem is people like this. The appeal of Palin seems to be fading since she declined a run for president, and her lasting influence is doubtful.


  1. Here’s Palin saying something in a language vaguely resembling English, but making no sense if interpreted as being, in fact, English (not an uncommon phenomenon in this particular case). And here is a decent review of “Game Change”, the documentary about the rise and fall of Sarah Palin.

  2. she aint fading as a target for all the animosity and antipathy directed at her with much venom by the left libtards

  3. Palin is apparently currently writing a legalese book to fight the war on Christmas. And you know; she does in fact live very close to Santa Claus ...

    This is potentially a good plan, though.

  4. Dan Savage liveblogs reading Palin's latest book; worth a read.

  5. Here is Palin babbling incoherently at Liberty University. No change there. Hosting her also tells you all you need to know about the host (here she is on Hannity, for instance). Among her delusions is the delusion that Thomas Jefferson would stand with her and the folks at Fox News and Liberty University in protesting the non-existent “War on Christmas” and set straight “those who would want to try to abort Christ from Christianity.” No, she doesn't know the first thing about Jefferson, but apparently he's some kind of hero, and therefore Palin concludes that he must have agreed with her. Her aptitude for reality is also finely displayed in her assertion that she would win, and would have won, if it were not for the damn media (thus evincing a level of self-awareness comparable to the martyr pose she struck in this interview with Newsbusters).

    But history is not the only thing she rewrites. For the 2014 CPAC she rewrote "Green Eggs and Ham" to underline Michele Bachmann's earlier CPAC statement hat the Tea Party “at its core is an intellectual movement.” She also lies about Obama, but that isn't much of a surprise. And her claims to have lot of support from unnamed gays for her anti-gay stance is, well, you can draw the conclusions yourself.

    On the 700 Club she also emphasized that evil atheists are “threatening our American way of life” and are thus “dangerous and must be stopped.” Good to have an easily identifiable and generally not-well-liked group on which to put the blame for any problems in America.