Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#1682: Thomas G. Guilliams

The Discovery Institute’s petition A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism was supposed to gather signatures from scientists skeptical of the “Darwinist dogma”. As such, it was an abject failure. True, the relatively modest number of signatories includes some frothing fundamentalists on the faculty at various bible schools, but relatively few of the signatories are real scientists. And some are people like Thomas G. Guilliams. Now, Guilliams does have a Ph.D. Molecular in Biology, and does – as opposed to the vast, vast majority of signatories – have a reasonably relevant educational background. But Guilliams is currently VP/Director of Science and Regulatory Affairs, Ortho Molecular Products, Inc. Yes, readers: that’s orthomolecular medicine, which is as quacky as quackery comes. Guilliams himself is listed as an “integrative practitioner at integrativepractitioner.com, an online community of woo practitioners. Now, Guilliams does in fact have some publications that seem legitimate – though in fields unrelated to evolution, of course – but is also the author e.g. of “The Original Prescription: How the Latest Scientific Discoveries Can Help You Leverage the Power of Lifestyle Medicine”. So much for science.

Diagnosis: The deeper you look at the signatories to the Discovery Institute’s list, the shoddier it becomes. Guilliams is a pseudoscientist and crackpot galore, but he’s in good company among said signatories.

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