Thursday, September 15, 2016

#1718: Chase Hayden

The Hayden Institute is the vanity institute of one Chase Hayden, DC (“doctor of chiropractic”), where he offers you quantum neurology, no less. And although chiropractic neurology is silly enough , quantum neurology appears on the surface to play in a different league of ridiculousness altogether (we’ve actually encountered it before). In fact, in the case of Hayden quantum neurology appears to be nothing but your standard chiropractic vitalism ( with a label that should suffice to narrow the target audience to the severely under-informed or critical-thinking challenged: illnesses are caused by blockage of the flow of life force by subtle subluxations, which can be removed by the manipulations of a chiropractor and thus allow your body’s innate magic to take care of the healing process. To make it sound as if it has something to do with actual anatomy or biology, chiropractors like Hayden claim that they can cure all sorts of ailments because of nerves, which according to them “control every function in your body” (including the heart, the lungs, the liver and so on) which anyone with even cursory knowledge of how the body works will know is pretty stupidly false. (But then, that’s a fact, and chiropractors are talking religious creed; facts got nothing to do with it.)

Hayden’s clinic also offers applied kinesiology, detoxification and “functional endocrinology”. It is noticeable that the clinic doesn’t quite claim to be able to cure specific diseases, only that “[p]atients have reported improvements with the following symptoms and conditions” – followed by a list of conditions and diseases, including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure.

Diagnosis: Shameless pseudoscientist. We don’t know what impact he’s had, but whatever it is, it’s bad. Avoid.

Hat-tip to Steven Novella on sciencebasedmedicine; we got most of the info for this entry from him.

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