Tuesday, September 5, 2017

#1892: Patrice Lewis

Patrice Lewis is a columnist at the WND, and we could really have ended this entry right there. But it’s hard not to watch such trainwrecks unfold, so here we go:

One topic on which Lewis focuses is eduction. In particular, she is fearful that Common Core, with its “brainwashing” and “indoctrination techniques,” is bringing Nazism to America. To support her case, Lewis mentions a biology teacher she heard about from a friend (almost as good as real evidence) who is telling her students to “sing a song praising Common Core,” which makes the teacher just like Hitler. For good measure, Lewis adds that a public school is like a totalitarian “jail” that turns students into “zombies” (she is no fan of public schools).

The curriculum isn’t the only thing that’s wrong with public schools, however. Lewis also laments measures to protect gay and in particular transgender students. Measures to protect gender-nonconforming youth at school, says Lewis, prove that “the government is getting into the underpants of our children” and “seems veritably obsessed with our children’s genitals.” Funny then, that it is people like Lewis who wants to police precisely that part – “creepy” and “sinister”, indeed. The real danger, though, is that once this androgynous generation grows up, there will be no one to defend the country when it is “flooded with a primitive, warrior people who aren’t interested in androgyny … but would welcome coming into an androgynous population.”

Moreover, complains Lewis, a girl is now “urged [by the government, it seems] to let herself be used by as many randy boys as she can accommodate (since, after all, Planned Murderhood stands on the sideline, eager to get rid of any ‘issues’ that result).” “Slutty” feminists want to “sacrifice” your children “to sex gods,” argues Lewis. Yes, one of the primary evil forces at work here, is of course “feminism”. In her column “Are Feminists Insane?” she attacks the commonly invoked straw feminist (the evil one who hates mothers and men), but since she cannot find an actual feminist that would serve as her target, she rather quotes from a Salon piece that says the exact opposite of what she attributes to it, and concludes that “feminists like Gloria Feldt think the height of feminism is to work 80 hours a week at the office, hook up with an assortment of random men and kill your baby every other year or so.” She doesn’t provide a reference. In an earlier piece, Lewis called on wives to submit to their husbands in order to free themselves from feminist oppression, arguing that making the man the head of the household is “true women’s liberation” since it makes women’s lives easier. (Also this).

But Lewis also makes forays into politics in general. In 2015, for instance, she suggested that conservative states should secede and start a Godly nation, thereby to “win His favorable attention once again,” just as they did last time.

Diagnosis: This is standard wingnut fare – predictably unconcerned with truth, accuracy or accountability – but embellished with some flamboyantly delusional language. Probably limited influence, though.


  1. She????
    Did nobody tell her parents Patrice is a boy's name? Much LOL at her transphobia, therefore.

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