Tuesday, October 24, 2017

#1914: Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace is an author and businesswoman who in 2013 also sought (and failed) to get the GOP nomination for the US Senate in South Carolina. Though she received less attention than fellow candidate Lee Bright, she is not much less of a loon. As behooves a wingnut candidate for political office, Mace is a climate change denialist, and she seems to have made climate change denialism a central pillar of her campaign, claiming for instance that a recent freeze in South Carolina disproved the fact that climate change exists, which is not how this works. Mace’s goal as a candidate was of course to challenge communist collaborator and anti-war fanatic Lindsey Graham. One of her tactics was to suggest that Graham is gay, or – to use Mace’s slur – a “nancy boy”.

We don’t have that much to say about Mace, but since she’s currently also running in a special election for the South Carolina State House (election on November 14), we thought it worth to mention here.

Diagnosis: Devoted anti-science advocate. She didn’t get elected last time (despite being the Tea Party favorite), and shouldn’t be this time either. Even if she isn’t, however, we won’t be surprised if she makes a reappearance down the road, and it’s good to take note of her name for possible later reference.

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