Sunday, May 6, 2018

#2009: Lloyd Miller

Lloyd Miller is the apparently self-proclaimed “Research Director of A-albionic Research”, which has something to do with how “the overt and covert organs of” the Vatican and the Judeo-Masonic Neo-British Empire, which is apparently allied with Islam, are “locked in mortal combatfor control of the world”. The US is apparently on the Vatican team, which is demonstrated by the Illuminati eye on the one-dollar bill.

Now, Miller is pretty obscure – he seems to have distributed various leaflets and interviews in the pre-Internet era – and the details of the conspiracy somewhat hard to get into proper view, but Miller is apparently also toying with flat earth ideas. But then Miller seems to endorse more or less any conspiracy theory that comes his way, and the less coherent the better. There is something resembling a website here.

Diagnosis: Crazy but obscure. Honestly, we include him mostly just in case his name should start popping up again on some of the more popular conspiracy websites. 

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