Saturday, August 11, 2018

#2053: Bradley Nelson

Chiropractic is still a kind of gateway woo. For Bradley Nelson, a chiropractor and craniopath and “renowned holistic physician and lecturer” it has led to something he calls “the Emotion Code” and “the Body code”, special, trademark healing secrets combining an impressive array of nonsense, from energy healing to Kirlian photography, applied kinesiology, magnet therapy, and the ancient myth that your unconsciousness records everything you experience (which can then supposedly be utilized for healing) – indeed through our unconsciousness we even inherit trapped emotions from parents and ancestors, as Nelson sees it.

Of course, like so many other crackpots, Nelson subscribes to the One Cause illusion about illness: there is one cause, and thus one cure, for all illnesses – and of course he’s in possession of that (trademarked) cure. Nelson, whose own powers of healing ostensibly stem from a “higher power” (granted to him through prayer), claims to heal everything – including relationships – by using his quick and effective system, and the healing also works at a distance. The Body Code consists mostly of fluffy feel-good nonsense (“Learn the hottest techniques to tap into your own internal computer!”), but will also allow you to “[d]iscover the unseen causes of illness most doctors aren’t aware of” and “[l]earn to communicate with and heal your animals and pets!

Meanwhile, realdoctors will only prescribe you drugs and thus kill you. At least Nelson’s website includes a Quack Miranda warning is a brief discussion with a satisfied customer.

Diagnosis: Oh, the bullshit. Nelson is, of course, just one of many crackpots with entirely personal and only arguably coherent ideas about the causes, nature and cures for illness and who therefore apparently possess some power over the weak of critical reasoning skills. Probably small fish, but whatever influence he has is certainly not doing much good for humanity.

Hat-tip: Skepdic


  1. GD, a couple of weeks ago I posted about a young lady who got hooked into this guy's BS. Yep, paid the $2000 or so and is now CERTIFIED!!!!

    Here's my email.....