Tuesday, February 12, 2019

#2143: Sondra Ray

Yes, we have encountered her before, but Sondra Ray deserves her own, albeit brief, entry. Ray is an advocate of rebirthing therapy, a silly and not entirely benign brand of New Age psychotherapy, and proudly considers her profession to be spiritual guide, not scientist – “science” being more or less a synonym for narrowmindedness for people like this given scientists’ obsession with efficaciousness and accountability. According to Ray and her colleague Bob Mandel, whatever problems you feel you suffer from are due to the way you were born, and they will help “rebirth” you, properly this time. According to Rebirthing in the New Age, the book she wrote with Leonard Orr, it seems that rebirthing will help you achieve immortality. It’s quite astoundingly ludicrous, really.

Ray is also the author of Essays on Creating Sacred Relationships: The Next Step to a New Paradigm, which apparently helps you create your own paradigm. It’s hard to put how silly that claim is into human words, but it helps to realize that she apparently confuses paradigm with personal set of beliefs.

Diagnosis: Complete idiot. 

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