Monday, March 18, 2019

#2159: Seth Riggio

Seth Riggio is an admittedly rather obscure fundie theocrat associated with the Conservative Party USA and founder of  the organization The Conservative Comeback, which is primarily an anti-abortion, anti-marriage equality group (“upholding the Sacred Bond of marriage against an increasingly anti-family culture and the pro-homosexual agenda”) devoted to combating the separation of church and state. In 2012, Riggio endorsed Tom Hoefling for president, the candidate for the outspokenly theocratic America’s Party, partly because he found Mitt Romney to be as objectionable as Obama: “Mitt Romney is also in favor of Homosexual couples adopting children. Barack Obama does the same. What difference is there if these men both agree that placing innocent children in homes where such perversion takes place. This entails that they both support this evil… WHAT ARE WE THINKING!!!” Rest assured you are not, Seth. “We [those supporting Romney] are supporting a man who is willing to allow innocence to be slaughtered,” said Riggio. Also Hitler, apparently.

Diagnosis: Whatever. He may have a bright career ahead of him in wingnut circles, at least.

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