Sunday, April 14, 2019

#2173: Derrick Robinson & the FFCHS

Derrick Robinson is the president of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). I suggest reading the name of that group again. Yes, the FFCHS is committed to fighting the use of (in particular) electromagnetic frequency (EMF) weapons (a weapons-grade version of this) ostensibly deployed by the powers that be to harass and monitor citizens, even driving them to acts of madness. Aaron Alexis, perpetrator of the Washington Navy Yard shooting, had for instance contacted the FFCHS before going on his killing spree to seek relief from what he believed was an attack by electromagnetic frequency. The FFCHS is not the appropriate place to turn to if you think this is happening to you. 

Like many others, Robinson, a Cincinnati-based janitor, is convinced that nefarious groups of people are following and controlling him, presumably as part of a test of neurological or other weapons, and he claims to have been tortured and abused by gang stalkers and “neurological weaponry” since leaving the Navy in 1982. “People will say you are delusional,” Robinson admits, but he insists that he isn’t. There are, in fact, quite a number of people with similar stories, and’s stated mission is accordingly to seek justice for those singled out by “organized stalking and electromagnetic torture.” Apparently they have also arranged conferences and contacted government representatives who have sometimes pretended to take their complaints seriously. The group’s website is here. Here is their page on how to protect yourself from attacks. It is a very fascinating page, though it seems to have been partially hijacked by quacks peddling supplements and woo to a receptive audience. One of their tips is to use orgone, which in very many ways is probably the appropriate response to the threat. The suggestion that you get a concealed weapons permit is a bit more worrisome. (“The stalkers know I have a gun and know I am a crack shot, because they followed me to the shooting range and watched when I applied for my license” – user Dona.)

Apparently Robinson is also Executive Director at People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International. We are not entirely sure how this organization is related to the FFCHS. He has also been interviewed on Coast to Coast AM, of course.

Diagnosis: Let’s just be tactful and leave this section blank, shall we?


  1. If you read this smear post and actually research the subject matter as well as FFCHS you'll find that the group was dissolved in 2016 and Derrick had created the latter group mentioned.
    Also you'd find that in its history it actually was associated with some respectable people dealing with the issues and beyond.
    Derrick also worked at the NSA as a translator he has claimed. I think the janitor job was downshifting from that. Its certainly more Zen.

    I have been one of the groups biggest critics due to my bad experiences with them beginning in 2007.
    Any activist group can become corrupted with infiltrators etc. Well known activist jamming usually takes its toll.
    However just because something is corrupt does not mean it isn't valid or it isn't legit.

    FFCHS did alot of damage but they also helped many people. Without any sort of logical assessment or proper investigation of him, the group or the subject matter this site is nothing but speculation. At best its opinion at worst its smear.
    Worse than conspiracy theory ever could be.

  2. Thanks for the info on the dissolution of the group. Their website says nothing about it, and it's somewhat tricky to find reliable information on the pages that would usually write about groups like this.

    But I am curious about your claim that "this site is nothing but speculation. At best its opinion at worst its smear." If you read the entry, you will presumably see that it is primarily straightforward, concise and factual descriptions of the group, some of its recommendations and what Robinson himself has said - without assessments, expressions of judgment, and certainly not a hint of "speculation". If those descriptions makes the group look bad, then you should probably ponder why that is.

    The entry does admittedly express opinion at one or two points. It does state that "The FFCHS is not the appropriate place to turn to if you think this is happening to you". You may describe that as expressing an opinion, but it would hardly be correct to describe it as a "smear". Or is it the expressed worry about the recommendation to obtain a concealed weapons permit you have in mind? In any case I fail to see what you have in mind when you claim that the post engages in "speculation".