Thursday, August 8, 2019

#2225: Joseph Sciambra

We have encountered a couple of ex-gay activists before, and have to admit that it is sometimes difficult not to feel some empathy or pity for them. In the case of Joseph Sciambra concern might be appropriate as well. Sciambra claims to be an “ex-gay” porn star, and says that anal sex “release[s] into the world these rare demonic entities”; indeed, unless everyone immediately commits to abstaining from homosexual activity, we risk that the “devil could be given birth to anally.” 

Sciambra describes it all in his book Swallowed by Satan, where he also claims to have been a neo-Nazi and a Satanist. The book doesn’t exactly scream trustworthiness. Much of it is dedicated to graphic accounts of brutal sex with other men, voices Sciambra heard in his head that he claims are demonic spirits, and even having sex with demonic figures; in one story, he goes to a club to get “gang-banged” and during sex “conceives” a demon in his anus. After sex, the demon apparently “gushed from my body” in his discharge and “would grow and pitilessly hover about me. Sometimes, it spoke.” He blames his descent into homosexuality on innocently using a Ouija board as a child and “an occult sex ritual that I engaged in” with “a gay cabal of male witches,” where he had group sex with a man with “the head of a goat or ram.” At some point he was also possessed by a Nazi ghost. (For those who may be interested, some further excerpts and claims are discussed here). No wonder Sciambra “cannot understand why the gay experiment has not been abandoned like other failed utopian philosophies that resulted in mass murder – fascism, Nazism, communism.”

His YouTube page includes a biopic, “Death in Room #122,” as well as video commentaries like “How to Stop Masturbating,” “Gay Marriage: A Satanic Ceremony” and “Former Gay Porn Star Tells of His Possession by Demons and Deliverance from Satan”. Apparently Bryan Fischer was impressed and invited Sciambra on his show, where they talked about how Sciambra was “devoured by the Prince of Darkness” when he “entered the homosexual lifestyle,” an experience Sciambra described as “scary”. Then he warned kids against coming out as gay and implored gay people to “stop the silliness, stop the lies and stop the deception because how high does the body count have to get before we will admit that the gay lifestyle has been a disaster?” Sciambra knows a lot about lies and silliness, at least. 

Diagnosis: As reliable on homosexuality as he is on Satanism and Nazism, we suppose. We are, however, willing to concede that there might, indeed, be some unusual sexual proclivities at work here. 


  1. Reality is NOT his strong point, is it??

  2. The man clearly suffers from mental illness, so I don't feel right about making fun of him.

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  3. I tend to be wary of including people that suffer from mental illnesses, but have no clear indication that Sciambra does (or any expertise that would let me determine this). The thing, though, is that Sciambra has a pretty substantial Internet presence, his book is listed on Amazon (with some 50 mostly positive reviews), plenty of youtube videos, and he has been invited on shows that reach a relatively large (if narrow) audience; he does, in short, have a significant public presence, and some people are actually listening to him. I think that makes a relevant difference.