Wednesday, February 19, 2020

#2310: David Stussy & Zena Xanders

The Big Brain Radio Show is (or was – we have no idea) a weekly broadcast on local radio stations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area hosted by two chiropractors, David Stussy and Zena Xanders, who seemed to fancy themselves as “Big Brains” – and yes, it’s Dunning Kruger: Stussy’s and Sanders’s lack of understanding of even elementary critical thinking or science was embarrassing to the level of physical pain. The show tried for the most part to cram as much woo and bullshit as possible into its time slot, typically peppering the nonsense with apparently random insertions of words like “quantum” and “healing”. As chiropractors Stussy and Xanders are definitely on the quackiest end possible, the types who think that chiropractic can heal everything – and yes, they call themselves “Dr. Stussy” and “Dr. Xanders”, but their degrees are from the Northwestern Chiropractic College and the Northwestern Health Sciences University, respectively and as such not something to be proud of. On their show, Stussy and Xanders would for instance promote The law of manifestation (yes: that one), The law of balance, and The law of appreciation.

According to Stussy and Xanders, the BBR show “is meant to be a catalog for large/small scale observers of the organized complexities of the universe, which express the natural laws of authentic interacting of energies, radiation, and light. And how the human mind, discovering these – the interaction between the physical and metaphysical – creates higher and higher possibilities for the survival and expansion of the human species, or what other form we may take.” They also offer insights like “[t]he universe is a training center. It just depends on what we want to learn. When you pay attention, you create intention. The future will be based on knowledge and know-how and energy.” Indeed.

As for science, it “is only science when it’s on the leading edge ... Scientists are really kinda the people that prove the points. Somebody will come up with an idea or a theory, it’s not really proven yet, and then scientists will go about proving it …”, according to Stussy and Xanders. No, they don’t have the most tenuous grasp on anything. 

But science isn’t everything. The world also operates on other principles, inaccessible to science, reason or coherence: “The universe and the brain operate on the physical and metaphysical principles. Metaphysical principles are those that have always been there and always work, such as electricity. Man didn’t discover that, it was already there [?]. But it is metaphysical in the sense that it doesn’t have weight or form, but it has affect. These metaphysical insights are discovered by the metaphysical brain; some might call it the mind – we call it the BigBrain. Everybody is a BigBrain and our purpose for being in existence is to discover the metaphysical principles and have them be physically manifested.” Yeah: those are the intellectual standards here. You might think Stussy and Xanders would be in for a shock if they took a philosophy class on metaphysics at a legitimate educational institution (or an elementary school class on electricity), but we suspect they lack the cognitive capacity to even recognize their own intellectual shortcomings in such scenarios. 

Diagnosis: Complete nonsense, and the idea that people like Stussy and Xanders are allowed near people with real health problems is profoundly frightening.

Hat-tip: Rationalwiki

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