Sunday, May 24, 2020

#2339: Damon Thompson

Damon Thompson is a South Carolina-based fundie preacher formerly associated with The Ramp – a revival cult thing somewhere in Alabama run by preachers affiliated with the New Apostolic Reformation and apparently aimed at young people (this story might provide an illustration) – and more recently something called “Carolina Revival”. Thompson claims that being “saved” actually changes your DNA. Indeed, it changes your DNA so much that if you committed a crime and left behind DNA, then if you afterward became “born again” it will ensure that your DNA doesn’t match that left behind at the scene. Let us just say that anyone gambling on this idea will be in for an ugly surprise. Thompson has, as fundie preachers are wont to, of course made up an anecdote to make the claim vivid for his listeners.

He is, of course, also virulently anti-gay, offering kids “deliverance from homosexualityat his prayer rallies. “You may think you were born gay, but you cannot be born again gay!”, says Damon Thompson.

Diagnosis: Dangerous madman. He does have the power to ruin lives, and seems unafraid to use it.

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  1. Where would you even get the idea that a religious conversion would change one's DNA? I went to 12 years of Christian school and I never saw anything in the Bible about DNA.