Sunday, June 21, 2020

#2352: Stella Tremblay

Like any disaster or terrorist attack, the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings attracted its share of deluded conspiracy theorists. Indeed, this entry sort of merely continues on the theme from the last entry: Stella Tremblay has also suggested that the Boston Marathon bombings were a false flag operation planned and executed by the US government, linking to Alex Jones and suggesting as evidence (on Pete Santilli’s show) that the injuries sustained by Jeff Bauman (who lost both his legs in the bombing) appear to have been faked because Bauman didn’t appear to be in pain and traumatic shock doesn’t exist – a claim that, if true, would make him a crisis actor and thus strictly speaking contradict the false flag operation claim. But whereas last entry’s James Tracy was an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University, Tremblay was a state legislator representing Rockingham County in the New Hampshire House of Representatives (we’ve encountered the New Hampshire House of Representatives on several occasions before, by the way). Tremblay refused to apologize for her statements, claimed she was just JAQing off, and then predictably doubled down on them: On June 19, 2013, she circulated a document reiterating her claim and adding additional “evidence”, in the form of links to videos from conspiracy sites, to the entire legislature. She resigned the next day.

Of course, evidence that Tremblay was a nutcase was amply available also before the Boston Marathon conspiracy. Earlier that year, for instance, Tremblay co-sponsored legislation (with Al Baldasaro and Lars Christiansen) maintaining that the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 unlawfully abrogated the United States Constitution by removing the Titles of Nobility Amendment, so that the Constitution as generally accepted has been fraudulent since then. The underlying claim, which is very familiar from alt-right sovereign citizen types and associated pseudolaw practitioners, is that government has kept it a secret that the constitutional amendment, designed to prevent people with “titles of nobility” from holding public office, was ratified in 1819 before being deleted from the document as part of a conspiracy led by power-hungry lawyers and bankers, and thus remains technically still on the books – we just don’t know it. The aforementioned conspiracy theorists then typically go on to claim that lawyers, through the use of the title esquire, are therefore barred from holding public office, and often also that all members of Congress are technically lawyers and therefore prevented from passing laws.

In 2012, Tremblay sent an email to the other 399 state House members with a doctored video she claimed depicted President Barack Obama saying that he was not born in the United States, a video she claimed to be sufficient proof to open an investigation into Obama’s citizenship. And in February 2013, Tremblay told a legislative committee that former President Woodrow Wilson agreed with Adolf Hitler, even though Wilson died before Hitler rose to power (Tremblay’s dislike of Wilson is presumably connected to conspiracy theories and pseudolaw-related delusions about the Federal Reserve). She has also sponsored a bill that would have required the teaching of the Bible in public schools and a bill to form a committee to study the impact of Agenda 21, the United Nations’ environmental sustainability treaty, on New Hampshire. Neither bill passed, but the deranged lunatics of the NH House nevertheless did pass a measure to ban Agenda 21, which has never carried the force of law in US, in New Hampshire.

It is also worth mentioning Tremblay’s history advisor, David Johnson, who thinks that President Abraham Lincoln deleted the 13thAmendment mentioned above and thereby dissolved the United States, which is ostensibly therefore no longer a country but rather a corporation chartered in the District of Columbia, while also not freeing the slaves. Johnson also claims that the U.S. government is under the control of Queen Elizabeth II. He is also a Federal Reserve conspiracy theorist calling president Wilson’s decision to sign the legislation creating the Federal Reserve “stupid and dumb” and claiming that the Fed is not a U.S.-controlled entity but rather a “foreign bank.” It is unclear whether Tremblay would have done better without incoherently rambling lunatics as advisors, however.

Diagnosis: Oh, New Hampshire. There are, to be sure, plenty of good and wise and intelligent people from the state, but the deranged lunacy of Tremblay, several of her fellow legislators, and – not the least – the people who elected them, pulls so hard in the direction of idiocy that one might possibly legitimately say that the average New Hampshirite is an idiot. As for Tremblay herself, we don’t know what she’s up to these days, but it’s probably nothing good.

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  1. Stella Tremblay was 100% correct
    This is as real as it gets.....
    I am 69 years old and a US Army Veteran of 1972. I followed the Boston Marathon Bombing event and the side events very closely day by day as they unfolded.
    I have proof that top executive seats were responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing to pass Black Powder Laws- Move Agendas and test Martial law Protocols within all agency's at one time and used a Black Ops false flag scenario to blame the 2 Tsarnaev brothers.

    There is no way the proof the FBI PRESENTED COULD BE REAL and pertain it to the 2 brothers
    It was all fabricated and condoned by the 3 high seats of power to pull off a "false flag black op attack"

    (A few innocent must perish for the good of the many some up on high would say)

    The opening proof is the 2 Black nylon backpacks that were retrieved by the FBI forensics.

    Dzhokhars bag was White canvas not Black nylon.
    Tamerlans bag was grey nylon not black and neither Tsarnaev bags were insulated with white fiber as the bomb remnants were.

    2. The brothers did not shoot Officer Collier.
    The real shooter escaped before police arrived Its in the police report
    The shootout was staged by the FBI black ops.

    3. Seeing the brothers did not set bombs at the Marathon, then then that can only show they did not set bombs off on Laurel street shootout either

    Here are some of the findings.

    I have collected detailed files on each of the allegations as they unfolded. The brothers were set up on each of them.

    This is not a conspiracy theory . It is all conspiracy fact.

    This video I compiled says it all