Monday, August 10, 2020

#2368: Katherine Vandemoer

Kate Vandemoer is a Montana-based hydrologist, blogger and birther activist, most famous for instigating the Usurpathon, a “Rolling ‘Velvet Revolution’ to Remove the Usurper [i.e. then-president Obama], et al,” from office. The plan – one of many similar ones – was to bring 10,000 protestors to the Mall, Congress, and the White House to lay siege to the administration. (Two people showed up.) The claims and arguments featured on Vandemoer’s blog, meanwhile, may be characterized as ludicrous even by birther standards, featuring – in addition to relatively standard birther nonsense – secret codes that will show that Obama’s birth certificate is a “definite forgery” and claiming that Hawaii was a communist outpost in the 1960s. 50s-style red-baiting is a pretty characteristic feature. Vandemoer was also a consultant for the Tea Party group Concerned Citizens of Western Montana (headed, at least at one point, by white supremacy-sympathizer Terry Backs).

Now, Vandemoer is, indeed, a hydrologist, and she used to work as a retained consultant/rep for the Northeren Araphao tribe for a set of water management and recovery programmes set up by Congress. After her contract failed to be renewed in 2010, Vandemoer commented that she “was wrongfully terminated without cause from a position and I have strong circumstantial evidence that the decision came from somewhere else.” Of course, it wouldn’t have been unreasonable to take her delusional insanity into account when making a decision on whether to renew her contract, but Vandemoer, ever the martyr, of course assumed that they perceived her as a threat, which only requires a common fallacy to serve as evidence that her claims are correct.


She is currently, it seems, chairman of the board of something called the Montana Land and Water Alliance, which appears to be a group primarily created to oppose certain water treatment plans and policies in Montana. We won’t claim any deep familiarity with those issues, but at least Vandemoer’s contributions are characterized by her trademark failure to grasp the facts, lying, idiotic reasoning and conspiracy mongering; even so, her claims seem to have found at least some traction with certain parts of the legislature. Apart from that work, Vandemoer is pushing geoengineering and chemtrail conspiracies: “we know what they are spraying, why they are spraying, and the additional tools that are used to manipulate the human environment and inject trouble into our very breathing space. While each one of these tools is dangerous in itself, the combined use of HAARP [but of course], chemtrails, and nanotechnology is wreaking havoc across America.” Moreover, the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010 was a false flag operation, and the government is artificially generating earthquakes and tornadoes. The goal, ultimately, is to create a crisis that “allows the government the ‘opportunity’ to step in and take over.” 


Diagnosis: Dingbat crazy conspiracy theorist. At this rate she’ll probably be nominated for Congress before you know it. 

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