Sunday, July 25, 2021

#2476: Andrew Anglin

The Daily Stormer (TDS) is a neo-Nazi and white supremacist website founded by neo-nazi troll Andrew Anglin, and … well, we’re not really going to spend much time on the details here. The website features a demographic countdown in their side bar showing a countdown of time allegedly remaining until whites become a minority in the United States, and is full of anti-semitic slurs. Anglin founded the website with help of his father, Greg, who ostensibly owned (by 2017) two gay bars and had a Christian counseling center doing conversion therapy. According to himself, Anglin used to read the works of Chomsky and “all that Communist, Jewish stuff” before aligning himself with neo-Nazism. He also appears to have endorsed MGTOW ideology.


According to Anglin, the globalist, Zionist, Communist, Jewish conspiracy currently counts as its members the libertarians, feminists, supporters of racial equality, critics of reparative therapy, anarcho-capitalists, transgender kids, “Shillary Clinton”, Alex Jones, The Archbishop of Canterbury, “The Jewropean Union”, Ted Cruz’s wife (who should apparently be imprisoned or put to death for being part of the great Jewish banking conspiracy to overrun America with Mexicans), Milo Yiannopoulos and Bernie Sanders. Though an ardent supporter of former President Trump, TDS was quick to point it out when he was, as they saw it, “being held hostage by Christ-killing Jews …” and “forced” to say things that didn’t line up with what the TDS wanted him to say.


If you need detailed examples of the racism, anti-semitism, hatred of gay people and conspiracy theories promoted by the TDS, you can find some here. We don’t really feel any particular need to quote them.


Among other people who have, at some points, contributed to TDS, you’ll find Andrew Auernheimer (upcoming), Joshua Ryne Goldberg (under the pseudonym “Michael Slay”) and Texas-based neo-Nazi and host of The Krypto Report, Robert Warren “Azzmador” Ray.


Diagnosis: It’s trolling. Anglin and his fellow reporters probably don’t believe half of what they write; they just don’t care, and neither do their followers. If you thought this had anything to do with truth, you’ve completely misunderstood; rather, the whole TDS is a form of culture jamming. The tactics are explained here. That observation doesn’t mean they’re less dangerous than you might have thought, quite the reverse; nor does it mean that Anglin is anything but a hateful, delusional conspiracy theorist.


Hat-tip: Rationalwiki

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  1. I put neo-Nazis like Anglin into one of three categories:
    1. Certifiably crazy.
    "The voices in my head tell me to hate Jews and blacks."
    2. The zealots.
    Logic, truth, everything is thrown out the window in favor of "The Cause."
    3. Those in it for money.
    Anglin looks like he's only in it for that.