Tuesday, May 3, 2022

#2534: Michael Belknap

Michael Belknap is a former veterinary technician and currently “Zoo Keeper at Answers in Genesis” and “assistant content writer for the attractions division of Answers in Genesis”, which might make him partially responsible for a lot of not-entirely-harmless anti-science bullshit.


As a young-earth creationist and Biblical literalist, Belknap is eager to distort reality, disregard the facts and go far into absurdity to defend his view of things. Like some of his AiG fellows, he is at least aware that some people may have worries about the feasibility of Noah’s Ark, and he has devoted a considerable amount bullshit production to address some obvious concerns, such as the piece ‘Fantastic Voyage: How Could Noah Care for the Animals?’ which tries to respond to a few of them. Needless to say, he fails miserably (indeed, he mostly just gives up). He gave the topic of ark feasibility another shot (with Tim Chaffey) in ‘How Could All the Animals Fit on the Ark?’, which chose the obvious approach of not actually addressing any of the concerns.


Here is a summary of Belknap’s take on ‘DNA day’, which, according to Belknap, is mostly a neo-pagan atheist celebration, given that Watson and Crick were primarily “motivated to study and comprehend DNA out of an eagerness to see faith in God and belief in His Word undermined.” According to Belknap, however, Watson and Crick failed, ostensibly primarily because DNA is not a code but poetry, and poetry requires a poet.


Diagnosis: No, not a central player in the young-earth creationist anti-civilazation movement, but as an ‘assistant content writer’ for the Ark Park or Creation Museum attractions, Belknap’s contributions will be seen by quite a number of people, and some of them will probably mistake it for something other than egregious bullshit.

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