Friday, September 23, 2022

#2569: Jack Blood

Jack Blood is a radio show host, conspiracy theorist and sometimes Alex Jones associate – not one of the big guns in that flock of paranoids, but since he is, indeed, on the herder side of the stampede down the rabbit hole (I mean “Where we go one, we go all” … you really accuse others of being “sheep”?), he is worth a mention. And no: we don’t know whether the name is an alias. Nor is it entirely clear whether his show, Deadlinelive, is still operative.


Blood is in any case a 9/11-truther. In fact, Blood doesn’t think Bush was behind the attacks; according to Blood “it was a black op that was above his pay grade. Cheney was in the loop for sure.” The 2008 financial crisis, too, was – just like 9/11 – “engineered to bring about more centralization”. Centralization seems to be the general goal of several og Blood’s conspiracy theories, and is apparently a threat to Blood’s freedoms.


His main focus is in general on the shadow government – the Bildeberger group and the Trilateral Commission and suchlike, the ones that are really pulling the strings. Most American presidents have been mere puppets – perhaps apart from Bill Clinton, who was “likely the illegitimate son of Winthrop Rockefeller and was ultimately really behind “the 1993 WTC Bombings, the OKC Bombings, Waco, and TWA 800”. Blood does engage in what he considers research for his claims, but it seems mostly to consist of reading other conspiracy theorists’ (like Jim Fetzer’s) rants; and then they read him, and so it goes, completely independent of reality.


And the shadow government is assassinating those that come to close to the truth – like Don Harkin, editor of the Idaho Observer, a famous conspiracy rag popular among the “patriot/survivalists”; Harkin was apparently murdered by “NSA and associated intelligence groups who utilized extremely powerful ‘Psychotronic,’ Electronic Warfare on him.”


Diagnosis: A minor but colorful figure. We have no idea what, exactly, he’s up to these days, but we don’t exactly trust it to be to the benefit of humanity.


  1. Bush is in the top 3 of the worst presidents of all time. Of course he was out of the loop. He was probably too drunk to care!

    1. Off topic, but.... Bush was a lousy president, but he was (maybe?) a genius compared to the stumbling, dementia-addled fool in the White House now.

    2. Got news for you, Trump is no longer President.

    3. Show me where I said he was.

    4. "but he was (maybe?) a genius compared to the stumbling, dementia-addled fool in the White House now." Anyone who considers Biden to be the above is a moron.

    5. Sooner or later, every exchange on this pseudo-rationalist site devolves into namecalling, just like most of the main entries substitute namecalling, innuendo, and a few buzz-phrases for real arguments. Yes, obviously I'm talking about Earpiece Joe, whom even his fellow Democrats are turning away from as ineffective, his presidency an utter disaster. Have a nice life.

    6. I can clear up a lot of confusion with my top 5 worst:
      1 dementia addled fool
      2 peanut farmer
      3 Bush jr.
      4 the guy that had Kennedy killed
      5 guy from Kenya, Hawaii or wherever
      Both Trump and Clinton made me a lot of money so I'm giving them a pass!

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    8. Hey, Steven? We might stop calling you names if you tried having an original thought instead of regurgitating Fox News talking points.

  2. Here in my country, I'm closely following (curiosity) some of the most ridiculous religtards but they are not closely so insane & influential as yours in 'Murica. (But someday, who knows...).

    I must admit, I envy you guys on such "fauna".