Wednesday, February 8, 2023

#2615: Austin Burdick

Austin Burdick is a laughably idiotic clown and anti-gay family law attorney, who briefly received some attention in 2016 for filing a $6 million federal lawsuit in Alabama against each of the five Supreme court justices who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.


Burdick charged the justices with violations of the 5th and 14th Amendments, as well as with violating their oaths of office. According to Burdick, the ruling in Obergefell nullifies the Constitution, and he has accordingly standing: He has suffered “damages and harm”, and “seeks recovery of damages exceeding $6,000,000.00”, because by nullifying the Constitution, the courts have deprived him of a lifetime of income he would have received from practicing law, something he can no longer do given that the justices have “destroyed” the Constitution upon which his license to practice law is based. He also asserts that the ruling “rewrites the 14th Amendment,” is an instance of “government intrusion” and that the ruling is “dishonest” – and he gravely points out that “[i]t is a tyrannical usurpation of authority to rewrite the Constitution.”


Burdick apparently also tried to run for office in 2012.


Diagnosis: A laughable character whose ideas are so incoherently dumb that their silliness is only matched by the hate and bigotry behind them. At least there is little chance many people take him seriously, even these days.


Hat-tip: David Badash @ Thenewcivilrightsmovement


  1. I'm surprised you thought this yahoo worthy of an entry. Still, it was fun to read.