Saturday, July 22, 2023

#2666: Randall Dale Chipkar

Cancer is bad and scary, and the world is accordingly full of hucksters, quacks and deluded maniacs who claim to have identified both causes and cures for cancer. Randall Dale Chipkar, for instance, thinks that he has invented a device, his RideSaver™, that will prevent your motorcycle from causing you cancer cancer (and that he is willing to sell you for a vast sum of money), and he has therefore also had to invent a problem that his purported solution could be a solution to. So Chipkar tries to argue that motorcycles do cause cancer. The idea is laid out in a self-published book, The Motorcycle Cancer Book, the main claim being that “motorcycles generate potentially carcinogenic ELF EMFs [extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation] directly into the rider’s groin flooding the entire torso.” Of course, EMF from an engine’s electrical system is not ionizing radiation, so it couldn’t even theoretically cause damage to cells or DNA in your body. Which is good, of course, because his RideSaver™ couldn’t in theory (basic science) protect you from such radiation if it existed anyways.


If you were attracted to Chipkar’s book, we suspect you wouldn’t be overly attentive to such details. And no, he does of course have no evidence whatsoever for an association between motorcycles and cancer, which would normally be a starting point. What he has, is a product that couldn’t solve a problem that couldn’t exist.


Diagnosis: Git, gohmert or grifter. Your pick.


Hat-tip: Skepticblog

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  1. If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and QUACKS like a duck...

    it's still smarter then THIS fraud and con-artist!