Thursday, August 24, 2023

#2674: Tim Clarey

Tim Clarey is a research associate at the Institute for Creation Research (IRC). Clarey is a central proponent of flood geology, the magnificently pseudoscientific effort to re-interpret geology in terms that make it consistent with a young Earth and the flood myth – the effort is a prime example of cargo cult science, complete with conferences, journals and its own jargon. Clarey works for instance on megasequences. Here is a commentary on one of Clarey’s dead wrong and feeble reinterpretation efforts (“special pleading” and “massively ad hoc” do not quite capture the quality of his efforts), and here is another. Yeah, Clarey is having a grand time: evolutionary biologists and classical geologists encounter open questions all the time, questions to which Clarey has an easy answer that those dumb biologists and geologists never manage to discover: magic. How dumb they are.


One example of the sort of questions young Earth creationists have to grapple with, concerns the Ice Age. Since the Ice Age doesn’t fit their presupposed chronology, they have to relocate it. Clarey places it after the mythical flood, and can offera biblical reason for the timing of the Ice Age and the dispersion from the Tower of Babel. The Ice Age was an essential ending to the global Flood.” Yay, science. Also, send him money.


Clarey is also the author of books, including Dinosaurs: Marvels of God’s Design, Carved in Stone: Geological Evidence of the Worldwide Flood, and Parks Across America: Viewing God’s Wonders Through a Creationist Lens (with Brian Thomas).


Diagnosis: Wheee! The sad thing is that Clarey has, in fact, had a job at a community college before officially committing to delusional pseudoscience full-time.




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