Tuesday, October 3, 2023

#2688: John M. Cobin

John M. Cobin is a libertarian madman and social commentator. As a matter of fact, Cobin is only borderline qualified for an entry in this encyclopedia on the grounds that he renounced his American citizenship in 2015, settling in Chile, where he currently resides – in jail, after having opened fire at protesters during the Chilean social unrest of 2019 in Reñaca, injuring several. Before that, however, he ran (and lost) for Congress in South Carolina’s 4th congressional district (in 2006), representing the Libertarian party. 


Cobin is, however, best known for being one of the architects behind Galt’s Gulch, Chile, which was supposed to become a libertarian paradise and which completely unsurprisingly turned into a fraud-riddled disaster. Beyond that, Cobin is known for his far-right associations and for being a Pinochet apologist, which is par for the course for American-style, self-declared libertarianism. 


Diagnosis: And that’s all we can be bothered to say about John M. Cobin. Wingnut nutter.


  1. Ah, Galt's Gulch. I only wish there were more of them so I could enjoy reading about the thousands of dollars defrauded from fools.

  2. So he's a Pinochet defender who opened fire on protesters and was one of the architects behind Galt's Gulch. "Representing the Libertarian Party" is an apt description of this guy.