Wednesday, April 3, 2024

#2755: Jennifer Delgado

Did you know that there is an “education onslaught” being carried out by LGBTQ activists in Texas public schools? Well, the Texas chapter of the vehement anti-LGBTQ group MassResistance claims so, and has arranged a variety of gatherings and events to warn people about the nefariousness of the gay agenda, including (for instance) a 2017 “Teens4Truth” conference in Dallas aimed at teaching teenagers and their parents stuff like “how to counter LGBT issues in your schools” and “how LGBT activists are influencing your children.” Joined by fellow activists Sharon Armke and Caryl Ayala, Jennifer Delgado warned that one of the ways LGBTQ activists are pushing their agenda is through nefarious gay-straight alliances, which are being used to “recruit” teens to gayness and who knows what: “Gay-straight alliances – you really have to watch out these because these are adult homosexuals coming into the schools to mentor kids and we know that there is a problem with adults preying on young teens, especially in the male homosexual community. It’s how they recruit them, and they’re doing it in the school through these gay-straight alliances.”


Diagnosis: No, she has no idea what’s going on, but won’t let that prevent her from fighting it with all she’s got. Utterly deluded, and like so many utterly deluded people, she is very, very angry.

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  1. MassResistance sounds like this era's answer to the Alabama White Citizens Council.