Thursday, May 9, 2024

#2769: Tania Dilmani

Tania Dilmani is a California-based grifter and quack. Her website (“mommyhomeopathy”) promotes an impressive array of quackery, but the central component of it all is, of course, the quackiest one of them all: homeopathy. And since her medical advice is already completely and utterly untethered to anything resembling reality anyways, Dilmani is, of course, an anti-vaccine activist as well: Indeed, according to Dilmani, the fact that vaccines are safe, effective and necessary is a myth (so there), and instead of anything reality-based, she recommends “homeoprophylaxis for immune boosting” as a viable alternative to vaccines. Needless to say, her recommendation is bonkers and Tania Dilmani is lunatic to the extent that her nonsense becomes hard to distinguish from malice.

Dilmani isn’t quite as obscure as she ought to be, however, insofar as she received a boost from other anti-vaccine activists during the (fortunately successful) California fight to eliminate non-medical exemptions to school vaccine mandates around 2015. Dilmani even appeared at seminars with people like anti-vaccine MD Bob Sears, which should really serve to emphasize how little concern Sears has for facts, evidence and accountability, but which was, we suspect, also entirely audience appropriate.


Diagnosis: At this level of crazy nonsense, it’s malice. Tania Dilmani is evil.

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