Friday, June 21, 2024

#2785: Rick Driver

Rick Driver is a wingnut conspiracy theorist and talk show host for the Anderson, South Carolina, talk station WAIM-AM’s Rick Driver Show. Yeah, Driver’s reach is probably rather limited, and there isn’t really much to distinguish him from a very large group of similar deranged wingnut conspiracy theorists, but here you go. So when several explosive devices sent to Democratic Party figures and people who had criticized then-President Donald Trump in 2018, Driver was quick to conclude thatthese bombs” are “nothing more than false flag” and that “folks on the left are extremely desperate -- anything to disrupt the ship. Anything to get rid of the president. Anything” because that’s the conclusion that sat best with how he likes to view the world; it had nothing to do with facts or evidence or such parameters, of course, but Driver isn’t big on facts and evidence. He was similarly quick to dismiss Covid-19 when it first hit South Carolina in 2020: “It’s a hoax," said Driver, before trying to modify himself a little (“The hoax isn’t the virus itself – it’s real – but those people trying to build this thing up as something it isn’t is, I believe, the hoax”)


Diagnosis: Yeah, you know the kind. Relatively minor, but there is a lot of these conspiracy drones on American airwaves.

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