Monday, December 27, 2010

#123: Dave Emory

Dave Emory is really on the good side. Unfortunately, he’s been staring into the abyss for a little too long and has come away not entirely unscathed. Good intentions and a spine is no guarantee against insanity.

Emory is a radio personality who has run a variety of shows. He describes himself as an anti-fascism and anti-Nazi activist, and is a staunch critic of dangerously malfunctioning crackbots such as David Irving. The problem is that Emory sees Nazi and Fascist conspiracies everywhere, in governments and secret societies around the world, and himself as the lone hero who can unmask them (here, and here). His shows deal with fascism and neo-nazi movements and regular topics such as the banking crisis, corporate influence over government and so on, but tend to slide into discussions of the Kennedy assassination, its obvious connection to the the FBI, of German-controlled industry and banking, the Muslim Brotherhood, 9/11, the Bush family (connected to Bin Laden and the Third Reich, the P-2 Lodge, organized governmental disinformation, mind control of the HAARP/New world order kind and other things.

His main theory is the existence of an “Underground Reich”, which maintains the long-term interests of German-based multinational conglomerates, which is a survivor of WWII (partially run by Nazis), and which currently flourishes as major parts the global capital elite today. Among other things, he asserted in 2008 that the US was about to walk into a nuclear trap in Iraq set up by the Underground Reich in cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood (See here. He seems, in general, to emphasize a connection between Nazi Germany and current radical Islam – in the sense of a conscious, determinate effort (the link also extends to the American conservative right and international companies)).

His website is here. There’s lots of information there, some of it probably accurate and important. Unfortunately you cannot really take anything Emory says for granted, and much of it is simply batshit crazy.

Diagnosis: Well-intentioned but over-zealous and clearly deranged loon. Emory should stand as a warning to all.


  1. well, you've answered a nagging question I had in my head, regarding Emory's state of mind. I've listened to some of his shows, in the past, on the otherwise-mighty WFMU, and thought, too, that this was a good guy (any anti-dictatorships is on the right path to be a friend in my book) but that he dove into the rabbit hole a bit too much. It all started when I heard one show in which he mentioned the possibility that AIDS was created by humans, on primates, in Africa (and - of course - those where nazi doctors). He did mention that he was basing this idea on circunstantial evidence, and that he could not at the moment prove anything, but that did strike me as a bit too un-rational for my taste. He does share some good old anti-fascist ebooks on his site, but as you mention, it's hard to tell what is real and what not, on the deluge of information he has available. A pity, though, because he is fighting the good fight.

    Thanks for your encyclopedia; i've been reading it with amusement/horror/delight for the past several months (i've got it on my rss reader thingy). I've never felt compelled to comment, though, up until now.

    Wait, i've been having another nagging question, and meant to post it around, say, on the SGU forum, or the JREF main forum, but maybe you already know something about it (or can track down a related loon!):

    - Is there any truth to the notion that cannabis oil can not just alleviate the symptoms related to cancer (lack of appetite, nausea, etc.) but actually kill cancer cells and help fight the disease itself? A friend of mine champions this idea, and did point me a couple of studies and articles, but i would like to know more from an impartial source (there were cases of cancer in his family, unfortunately).

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!
    Pedro, from Portugal

  2. the notion that radical islam is not connected with Naziism is just ignorant. It's not a mistake that Hamas charter reads word for word out of the Nürnberg Laws. Furthermore the Muslim Brotherhood WERE allied with the Nazi party and translated main Kampf and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion into Arabic and disseminated the texts throughout the Arab world and even today they are best sellers and part of the curriculum in the educational systems. My good friend studied the protocols in HISTORY class an Amman university! AS LEGITIMATE HISTORY!! The links are endless and i don't have the time to go into them but any search for the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Al-Husaini will show a clear connection between radical Islam and the Nazi party. the founders of the movement were conspirators with Hitler himself and the current leaders have stayed on course with the agenda. It is no mistake that nearly all Jews from the Islamic world reaching from Pakistan to Morocco (many existed there thousands of years before islam was invented in Syria Pakistan etc etc) all have been ethnically cleansed and those who survived did so with a narrow escape to Israel Europe or the US. You don't need to listen to Emory for that, just take a walk around me Syrian Jewish neighborhood in Tel Aviv and talk to the elderly. The western world stomped out Naziism, however the Islamic world never had to and it is alive and well.

  3. First of all, kudos for the premise of this blog. I definitely plan to read more of your "encyclopedia entries."

    I think "well-intentioned" is the key phrase here. I got into Dave Emory's show a few months ago, and am kind of embarrassed to admit how many of his archived programs I have been listening to lately. I've always been fascinated by all things WW2-related, and interested, if not convinced, by various conspiracy theories.

    I wouldn't call Emory a conspiracy theorist though, and he works hard to distinguish himself from that term too. He calls his theories "networking," which may seem like just a synonym for conspiracy, but really it's just his way of pointing out someone like George HW Bush for example, whose business dealings (IE the Carlyle Group/BIn Ladens) and his father's business dealings make him possible to associate with almost any shady-sounding government coverups out there.

    As the above commenter said, plenty of what Emory talks about can be backed up by empirical fact, such as the Muslim Brotherhood/Nazi connections.

    I've never heard the show where he mentions that thing about the AIDS-Nazi connection, but it brings up my main point, which would be that Dave Emory would be a lot more effective if he had the self-control to edit out maybe 2/3ds of the speculations and theories he has. He throws so much up at the wall that the constant falling down of stuff that clearly doesn't stick detracts from what does. Overzealous? Sure. (But not a zealot.) But doctor, I urge you to reconsider your diagnosis of Mr. Emory as a flatout loon! That's a diagnosis I'd save for someone like Alex Jones.

  4. I've listened to Dave for years. He presents lots of good detailed information and food for thought---most from articles published in solid media, such as the Wall Street Journal. He qualifies his conclusions and theories as being his own, and if you have enough mental independence to analyse the material on its own merit, you don't have to spend time worrying about Dave. I would say Dave is as much a genius as a loon, if the two can ever be separated.

  5. I wish he tried honestly to dig for Nazi connexions for people he does like. I think he's in the position of anti-contraceptists who point to Margaret Sanger's racialist and pro-eugenics statements without noticing that almost everyone else who was 'anyone' thought much the same or worse.

    The Nazis were perfectly capable of dealing with both sides in a conflict---they were allied with the Soviet Union, then with Ukrainian nationalists, even as they publicly branded _all_ Slavs subhuman. Or consider Emory's technique as applied to Menachem Begin, who was at one point an ally of Mussolini's...does this mean the Likud are secret allies of the radical Islamists? ( opposed to both of these organisations' despising each other even as they help to prop each other up.)

  6. I used to listen to Dave Emory in the 1980's, but it was a waste of time, because he is wrong. To know who controls the world, read The Red Symphony. Here is a link to the actual text:
    Here is a link to a brief essay describing the text of Red Symphony:

  7. Only a rabid, Jew-hating bigoted POS would stoop to such nonsense. Of course Emory's schtick is a JOKE (unintentionally, by him) but just because you think he's nuts or way off base does not mean that this is some "Jewish Conspiracy" - people who think and talk like that do not deserve to live and should be eliminated for good. Bigots/Racists have no intelligence, they just repeat the BS they hear on reactionary right-wing radio or read in tracts. If I had my way, I would snuff out the worthless lives of every anti-Semite/Racist scumbag, trash. The world would be a much better place if all bigots died in the most painful and violent ways!!!! PS - the only imbeciles that buy into your lies are like-minded, hate-filled pigs who also have no reason to live. I hope You, the writer, meet with an early and long, painful death, like you deserve.

  8. An author Emory ignores is a clue to the flaws in his material. Antony Sutton. Even though Sutton's Wall St. and the rise of Hitler dovetails w/some of Emory's material he ignores him. Why? Bc Sutton PROVES tht Western technology and investment kept the Soviet authorities frm being flushed down the toilet of history.

  9. What happened to Dave? I was listening to his show On kfjc a couple of days ago and he was speaking with a speech impediment. He is an amazing researcher.

  10. Dave's speech impediment is from massive oral surgery.

  11. He doesn't look so crazy now.

  12. I have listened to Dave Emory since he was on "Hard Rain" at UC Berkeley. A KFJC, I taped hundreds of hours of his Sunday night 4-hour show, which he edited to 1-hour for KDFC.
    Re. JFK assassination, he concluded that we will never know what happened because of the muddling of evidence and misinformation.
    "How the U.S. lost WWII" was based on the Western Allies and USSR assimilating German espionage and intelligence groups and letting them continue to operate, along the same lines as taking their rocket scientists and putting them to work, ala Von Braun.
    His theory of Bush going to Iran was predicated on Iran releasing the hostages the day of Bush's inauguration.
    Dave might be out there, but at the time most people were happy with their heads in the sand and he was trying to pull them out.

  13. it appears the leftist commentators are eager to murder their political opponents. I do not see any similar desire from the right commentators. Forewarned is Forearmed. Prepare Yourself.

  14. I stick with Dave because there are indeed Nazi's everywhere AS PROVEN BY TRUMP AND THE VIOLENT JAN 6 ATTEMPTED COUP!!! As a jewish person must be safe rather than sorry. NEVER AGAIN!!!!