Thursday, April 7, 2011

187: George Hutchins

George Hutchins ran for congress (to represent North Carolina) in 2008, and again in 2010. Here is his website. If this one doesn’t awe you, I guess nothing will. Look at the color scheme, or the exquisite use of capitalization, or the tantalizing combination of font styles (do such considerations make yours truly gay, I wonder?)

He didn’t get elected, but he promises to return in 2012 and 2014. He is a theocrat who is basically against everything sane and in favor of every idea of which you've ever thought “that’s kinda strange” or “batshit insane” (and a lot you wouldn’t have thought about).

He is particularly opposed to gay rights, since gays are after all what is bringing America down, and homosexuality is what has brought an end to all great civilizations in the past (including California, apparently, according to Hutchins). His basic argument seems to be argument by caps lock, which is generally not considered a valid inference rule. Read it in all its glory here. He also wants to bring Hollywood to North Carolina. This also seems to be the main bulk of his economic plan.

His plan for prison reform is kinda scary; he wants to use inmates for all tasks currently performed by immigrant labor (thus ending that problem), and crank up the use of the death penalty ("IF INNOCENCE cannot be proven after conviction, within ONE YEAR, this convicted person is obviously, very Guilty of Murder, based upon Modern Crime Investigation Science").

Diagnosis: Arguably mentally ill maniac and paranoid wingnut who truly needs professional care (and some derision). Unlike Huckabee, this guy is actually most likely unelectable (if nothing else, than for the color scheme of his website, which is almost as nice as Borat’s).


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  5. Thank you for removing your rude comments, which were unfounded, and UNTRUTHFUL !!!


  6. Thank you for removing your rude comments, which were unfounded, and UNTRUTHFUL !!!


  7. If anyone wants to comment on a George Hutchins Blog where they won't get banned go to this site.

    All comments welcome

    1. No one is banned, but I don't quite see the point in publishing comments that just express anger rather than information anyone else might be interested in.

    2. Understood. I think this other blog will provide an outlet for these types of comments. Thanks for putting the post up.

    3. Both of you are ridiculous, and can find nothing better to do, except put this nonsense up. What are your real names? You would NOT be so brave if NOT hiding behind a computer screen.

      I think I will have to add a RINO WATCH to our campaign site, in addition to, our version of AMERICAN LOONS.

  8. This is all complete Slander, just publish what I wrote on this subject recently, please, or take this whole page down !!!.

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