Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#224: Andrea Lafferty

Andrea Sheldon Lafferty is the Executive Director of the Traditional Values Coalition , TVC, which means that we are dealing with yet another rabid anti-gay activist. In fact, the TVC endorses most of the traditional Traditional Values™, such as anti-abortion, anti-pornography, anti-immigration, anti-gambling, anti-drugs/alcohol/tobacco, anti-premarital sex, and pro-patriotism (meaning tea party ideology) and pro-converting infidels to Christianity. Lafferty's response to a Gallup poll suggesting a change in public opinion towards gay rights was that “Jesus didn't ask for a 'show of hands' at the Sermon on the Mount. We, His followers, should not ask America to vote on which of his teachings they choose to obey.” Lafferty is not known for honesty and critical thinking skills, but she made a disconcertingly high number of visits to the White House during Bush’s presidency. Lafferty is also on the record arguing (asserting) that Obama is using the stimulus bill to curb religious freedom at universities.

Lafferty is also the daughter of the organization's chairman, Louis P. Sheldon, famous for his links to the Abramoff scandal and for claiming that America is currently under siege by a dangerous Marxist/Leftist/Homosexual/Islamic coalition (i.e. gay rights activism) with Mao as their hero, and which is currently involved in a conspiracy against the TVC. Andrea Lafferty is married to James Lafferty, chairman of the Coalition for Religious Freedom, founded by Tim LaHaye and Robert Grant, whose goal is … exactly the same as TVC’s. James Lafferty was, among other things, outraged by Pete Stark’s admission of non-belief, invoking the whole spectrum of non-arguments in response.

Diagnosis: Kooky wingnut and fundamentalist; zealous, and part of Tim LaHaye’s web of delusional extremism. She has gained a name for herself, and must therefore be considered relatively influential.


  1. James Lafferty is also chairman of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force, and may deserve a separate entry.

  2. Apparently she is now also working with Cindy Jacobs, which ought to tell you something (though I am not sure exactly what).

  3. Here's James Lafferty expressing his pride in attacks on mosques.

  4. Lafferty sees the big picture. The one that connects the contraception mandate to islamic sharia law to covert government efforts to institute population control. That picture.