Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#229: Wayne Laugesen

To include the clinically insane Hungarian crackpot Ervin Laszlo in our encyclopedia would have been too much of a stretch, even though he does, in fact, occasionally write for Huffington Post (where else).

The next installment thus goes to columnist, gun right activist and journalist Wayne Laugesen. Laugesen writes for the National Catholic Register, Faith & Family magazine, and Soldier of Fortune. Laugesen is also a co-producer of Holy Baby! and Holy Baby! 2, multilingual prayer videos for Catholic children broadcast internationally on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), and on New Evangelization Television (NET) in New York. His sycophantic Wikipedia vanity article must have been written by Laugesen himself (or perhaps a lunatic fan).

His main claim to prominence is his helpless defense of the Catholic church during the recent scandals. Laugesen has pointed out that the Catholic church is not worse off than other organizations in terms of the amount of child abuse, something which was hardly the point about the scandal (as opposed to the systematic cover-ups).

His batshit insane responses to criticism of his defense is, however, his main application for inclusion in the Encyclopedia.

He displays certain theocratic tendencies and bigotry in his stance on public observance of religion (national days of prayer etc.). His arguments are delightfully incoherent at best. He is, apparently, afraid of atheist extremists (Laugesen claims that e.g. the Columbine shooters displayed an evangelical adherence to Darwin) who are motivated by evolutionism and relies on certified loon David Klinghoffer to justify his fears.

Diagnosis: Relatively insignificant loon, but apparently a rather aggressively bigoted one.

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